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7 Rug Ideas for Bedroom, Living Room | (Your Floors Will Love You)

Check out these tips for decorating with rugs to keep any home feeling cozy and refreshed – no matter its size or style.

1. Place only half of each furniture piece on the rug.

Most people make the mistake of trying to fit all four legs of each furniture piece on the rug, but doing this usually leads to frayed edges (especially with chairs, which involve constant pushing back and forth). Placing only the front legs of each furniture piece on the rug will help to maintain both a defined look – and the integrity of the rug’s fibers.

2. Use a rug for (literal) warmth.

If your bedroom has hardwood floors, you’re probably accustomed to cold feet in the morning. Warm up by placing a plush pile rug under your bed; make sure the size you choose is big enough, so that when you get up in the morning, the first thing to hit your feet will be a rug, nice & cozy!

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3. Branch away from traditional shapes.

Most rooms aren’t closed in by four walls, which means that most rooms have an irregular floor layout – and a perfectly square or rectangular rug may not always be the best option. In a round room or room with a curved wall, a round rug will provide a nice mirroring of the space as a whole; in a narrower space, (or for a space where you want to define a clear footpath – such as an entryway), a hallway runner is your best option.

4. Layer up.

A rug is a bit like art for your floors – and a neutral rug layered under a colorful patterned rug is a bit like the canvas on which the artwork is displayed. Of course the “canvas” doesn’t have to be neutral or “clean” – have fun with mixing and matching colors and prints while you layer up!

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5. Consider a pattern with a story.

Interested in rugs that bring a bit of culture? Moroccan, Persian and Oriental rugs are one of the most common rugs available, yet few realize that each represents a history as intricate as its pattern. Check out this article for the story behind the beautiful designs.

6. Size right.

Considering that the main purpose of a rug is to define the limits of a space, the size of your rug is pretty important. Before buying a rug, measure the floor space! Take into account any odd wall corners. And if you prefer the look of a smaller rug, just remember that it’s better to err on the side to too big than too small; if you are iffy about a measurement, or are unsure about the exact dimensions of your space, size up!

7. Protect your rug – and enjoy longer use.

Last and most importantly, always use a rug pad. When buying a new rug, buy a new rug pad right along with it (if you don’t already have one). A rug pad is essential in keeping your rug in top shape longer – getting you more for your dollar, and making it easy to enjoy your beautifully-decorated, oh-so-cozy floors relaxed and carefree.

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