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Everything Customers Ask About Full Size Beds

Full sized beds require specific requirements for box springs, sheets and more. Learn all about it here.

What are the dimensions of a Full bed?

The mattress pocket, or the place where your mattress lies, in a Full bed measures 54” W x 75” L. These measurements correspond with the measurements of a Full-sized mattress. The full height, width and depth of a Full bed will vary depending on the measurements of the bed’s legs, footboard and headboard.

A Full size bed may not be enough for two people, especially taller adults. Since Full beds rank only 15" wider than Twins, that leaves about only 7 extra inchees for each person in a couple. For average size adults who like to stretch out, a Full is not recommended.

Is Double Size Bed the Same as Full?

A Double bed is the same as a Full size, as both measure 54" x 75". A Twin size bed, however, is slimmer than both – measuring 16 inches less in width than Full/Double.

How deep is a Full mattress?

While the depth of a Full mattress will vary depending on how many layers of innersprings and/or foam it contains, in general a Full mattress will measure anywhere from 7” to 16” deep.

How deep should fitted sheets be for a Full bed?

When it comes to choosing a fitted sheet for a Full mattress, one of the most common questions is, “How do I know whether I need regular sheets or deep pocket sheets?” If your mattress is more than 10” deep, or you are planning on adding a mattress topper, you’re best bet is to go with deep-pocketed sheets. The standard depth for Full sheet sizes is typically 7 to 9 inches. Always measure the depth of your mattress before buying sheets to make sure you’re getting the proper fit.

What size room is recommended for a Full bed?

The best size room for a Full bed depends on the size of the other furniture in the room. To keep a comfortable space for walking around your bedroom, leave a little more than two feet (at the least) of space between your bed and walls/other furniture.

Do I need a foundation with a Full bed?

Whether you need a foundation for a Full bed depends on how many slats the bed has. Six or more, and a foundation is not required. Five slats or less, and you will need a foundation, box spring or other type of mattress base for full mattress support.

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