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The complete guide to and full reviews of Diamond mattresses.

Read any of the company’s written material (whether on a webpage, brochure or product manual), and you’ll come across Diamond’s tagline: Handcrafted mattresses since 1946. It’s this testimony that sets Diamond mattresses apart from the rest – the fact that each is crafted by hand (what a thing, in an age that favors high-speed production!). It’s also the kind of testimony that can be enough to make even the most unfazed of prospective mattress buyers (perhaps you are one of them?) do a double-take or at the least entertain the idea of sleeping on a Diamond for just a few seconds longer than they would have otherwise. Impressive tagline aside, it’s also worth asking: Sure, Diamond mattresses are handcrafted, but what exactly is a Diamond mattress? What goes into one? How are the materials different from other mattresses? Diving into the specifics of the mattresses Diamond carries is the best way to know whether or not the brand is right for you, and here, we’re doing just that. Keep reading to explore our Guide to Diamond Mattresses, complete with full reviews of popular Diamond products. (Strap on your scuba gear; we’re going deep!)

Guide to Diamond Mattresses

A breakdown of which Diamond mattress to buy based on your sleep preferences.

The Best Diamond Mattress for Stomach Sleepers

Try: The Diamond Everest Firm.
 The Diamond Everest Firm is made with the firmest comfort level, which means it feels more dense and more supportive. Since stomach sleepers’ faces are physically closer to the mattress than back and side sleepers, they also tend to sleep hotter; since the Diamond Everest Firm is also made with temperature-regulating fabric, it solves this problem.

The Best Diamond Mattress for Back Sleepers

Try: The Diamond Aspen Latex Medium.
 If you sleep on your back, you don’t need anything extra-supportive, but you also don’t need anything too-soft. Technically, you don’t need any specific comfort level, since sleeping on your back helps to distribute weight more evenly and leaves it up to you to choose your preferred comfort level, but if you’re having trouble deciding, go with the Latex – it offers a unique feel that’s both bouncy and contouring, so you get the best of both worlds.

The Best Diamond Mattress for Side Sleepers

Try: The Diamond Everest Plush.
 Sleeping on your side, you’re going to want a little more give in a mattress so that you don’t get that digging-in feeling on your hips and shoulders. Our recommendation is the Diamond Everest Plush, which is formed with open-cell foam for extra contouring benefits. Its extra-cooling layers for temperature-regulation is a plus.

Review of Three Popular Diamond Mattresses

1. The Diamond Aspen Cool Latex.

Key material: Natural latex. The Diamond Aspen Cool Latex is unique from other mattresses in that it’s made of natural latex, which is literally the rubbery sap that comes from trees. (The standard of using sap for mattresses, by the way, doesn’t hurt the trees, as it doesn’t require trees to be cut down.) Crafted for the Aspen, the latex layer feels kind of like a spongey cloud.

  • Pros: Latex is natural, environmentally-friendly, hypoallergenic and antimicrobial.
  • Cons: It’s a unique feel that may take some getting used to if all you’ve ever slept on is foam or innerspring.
  • The verdict: Buy if you’re okay with an adjustment period. Hypoallergenic makes it a great buy for anyone who experiences allergy flare-ups at night. Also great for eco-conscious shoppers.

2. The Diamond Everest Cool Copper.

Key material: Copper-infused memory foam. The Diamond Everest Cool Copper is one of the more popular choices for consumers who sleep hot, but can’t pass up the contouring, moldable feel of Diamond memory foam. This is because the foam used is actually infused with copper – a naturally cool, naturally temperature-regulating, all-natural material.

  • Pros: Copper-infused foam makes the foam feel cool while drawing heat away from your body.
  • Cons: Copper infusion is a bit more expensive than plain memory foam.
  • The verdict: If you live in a cold climate or tend to sleep cold anyways, pass on the Everest. If you live in a hot climate and tend to sleep hot, you may want to make the splurge

3. The Diamond Graphene Cool.

Key material: Graphene-infused memory foam. Like the Diamond Everest Cool Copper and Diamond Aspen Cool Latex, the Diamond Graphene Cool works to keep you cool through the night via a natural material – in this case, graphene (a thin layer of graphite, a material used to draw heat away from sources).

  • Pros: Graphene gives all the same benefits as graphite-infused foam (a popular material in the mattress industry), for less of the price.
  • Cons: While less expensive than graphite, graphene is still an add-on, making a graphene mattress more expensive than regular foam.
  • The verdict: Just as with the Diamond Everest Cool Copper, we recommend making the buy if you sleep hot; if you’re used to plain memory foam, the difference in cooling will make you wonder how you ever got along without it.


    Each Diamond mattress is crafted by hand, a unique feature that sets the brand apart from other manufacturers. Materials that Diamond uses include natural layers, like graphene foam, copper foam and latex – all of which make for a cooler night’s sleep as opposed to regular memory foam. Diamond mattresses also come in a few different comfort levels for different sleeping preferences (meaning, not all Diamond mattresses are built the same). Know your sleeping habits, and keep the above tips in mind when shopping for a Diamond mattress.

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