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9 Best L-Shaped Sectionals

The 9 best l-shaped sectionals of 2024, picked by our staff expert, and based on customer reviews and comfort scores.

For this list, we went to our staff expert Brynna Evans. Brynna, a seasoned interior designer with years of working with clients of all budgets to find the best pieces that will fit into busy lifestyles, gave us her top recs for “L” shapes — one of the most requested designs of the past few years. See why she and customers recommend the designs below, plus read top product highlights and unique comfort features to find the best L-shape design for your own home and budget!

Best Reversible L-Shaped Sectional

1. Bonaterra Sectional

Best Features: - Solid wood frame - Modular design

Size: 97"W x 65"D x 35"H

Why Brynna Loves It: “Frame your coffee table with a chaise on the right or left — this

design lets you choose what works best for your own space.”

Featured Review: “This sofa with a reversible chaise is the perfect fit for my small apartment.” - Candace H

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Best Velvet L-Shaped Sectional

2. Switch Sectional

Best Features: - Kiln-dried solid hardwood frame - Removable seat cushions Size: 105"W x 105"D x 35"H

Why Brynna Loves It: “The included throw pillows are chic and neutral, bringing built-in style. And if you want a different color, they’re customizable!”

Featured Review: ”No regrets here at all!! I appreciate all the cushions are reversible! Very comfortable too.” - Squirrel watcher

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Best Modern L-Shaped Sectional

3. Jolene 6 Piece Sectional

Best Features: - Plush sink-in feel - Reclining backrests

Size: 120"W x 134"D x 40"H

Why Brynna Loves It: “With a center console, a USB and 6 pieces, this is perfect for young families. A cup holder feature makes movie nights effortless, too.”

Featured Review: “Great price and comfortable, matched perfectly with my previous sofa sectional.” - Jose baena

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Best Left-Facing L-Shaped Sectional

4. Basil Sectional

Best Features: - Track arms - Modular

Size: 93"W x 65"D x 35"H

Why Brynna Loves It: “Track arms play more of a role than you think. In the Basil, they create a uniquely streamlined and clean, minimalist design.”

Featured Review: “Super comfy, not heavy, fits perfectly in my small pocket bedroom apartment.” - Kenneth b

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Best Faux Leather L-Shaped Sectional

5. Lukas Sectional

Best Features: - Track arms - Tight back

Size: 104"W x 67"D x 34"H

Why Brynna Loves It: “Soft and breathable like real leather, this type of upholstery is perfect for those who want to burrow in their sofa for hours.”

Featured Review: “Great sturdy and eye-pleasing couch. We love it!!!” - JSMS

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Best Customizable L-Shaped Sectional

6. Besom Sectional

Best Features: - Customizable - Accent pillows included

Size: 112"W x 63"D x 29"H

Why Brynna Loves It: “The stylish, visible bottom wood frame is the selling point for most customers!”

Featured Review: “Great chic look and comfortable! The size is perfect for my living room!” - Shon L

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Best Armless L-Shaped Sectional

7. Burton Sectional

Best Features: - Real leather - Deep seats

Size: 103"W x 103"D x 31"H

Why Brynna Loves It: “One of the most versatile pieces of furniture I can recommend. Its color, material and silhouette make it blend seamlessly into any style and room layout.”

Featured Review: “Great couch very comfy and clean look. Well built and durable.” - JAlvarez

Shop the Burton >

Best Tufted L-Shaped Sectional

8. Tufted Upholstered -Switch

Best Feature: - Tufted back cushions

Size: 105"W x 105"D x 35"H

Why Brynna Loves It: “You don’t have to compromise style for a great shape and size. This one is modular, so you can literally make it perfect for your floor plan.”

Featured Review: “Great sectional for a smaller space; very attractive; very happy with the purchase.” - Lee G

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Best High Performance Fabric L-Shaped Sectional

9. The Weekend

Best Features: - Performance fabric - Low-maintenance for family living spaces

Size: 125.1"W x 83.4"D x 36.2"H

Why Brynna Loves It: “A three-seater size savvy enough to still fit into small spaces.”

Featured Review: “Very comfortable! We love the versatility of this sectional and the color of the fabric is beautiful.” - Katie Bersamin

Shop the Weekend >

L-Shaped Sectional Couches

Is an L-shaped couch worth it?

Absolutely! An L-shaped couch maximizes seating without taking up as much space as separate sofas would. It’s the perfect choice for both small and large living areas.

What is the best material for an L-shaped sofa?

Leather is durable, easy to clean, and ages well; however, it can be more expensive. Fabrics such as microfiber or cotton blends are softer and come in a wider variety of colors and patterns but may require more maintenance. Considering factors like durability, ease of cleaning, and comfort will guide you in choosing the right material for your sofa.

Modular Sofas

Where is the best position for an L-shaped sofa in a room?

The best position for an L-shaped sofa is often in the corner of a room, which helps define the seating area and maximize floor space. However, it can also be placed in the center of a large room to help divide the space into separate areas, like a lounge and a dining area. Interestingly, more and more designers are recommending floating a sectional in the middle of small rooms, instead of pushing it all the way back against a wall, to create the illusion of an airier space that doesn’t feel like it’s trying to cram as much furniture as possible.

What is the best sectional shape? 

The L-shaped sectional is versatile and fits well in most spaces. For larger rooms, a U-shaped sectional might be preferable as it can provide seating for a whole family. For tighter spaces, a curved sectional might work better by ensuring an easier flow of movement around the area.

Comfy Chenille Sectionals

How much should a high-quality sectional sofa cost?

The cost of a quality sectional sofa can vary widely based on size, material, type, and additional features like recliners or deep seats. Generally, you can expect to pay anywhere from $700 for a basic model to several thousand dollars for high-end sectionals. Investing in a good-quality sectional means you’ll get better construction, longevity, and perhaps warranties, so consider your budget and the importance of these factors when making your decision.  

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