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12 Housewarming Gifts that Take the Cake

1. Catch-All Baskets

For housewarmings, chic storage is a no-brainer – because If there’s one thing a new homeowner can use more of, it’s easy hacks for keeping tidy. And if there’s one storage solution that’s as chic as it is effortless, it’s the decorative basket. Light, spacious and available in an array of sizes, any host will delight in these organizing must-haves.

Plus, baskets are, of all the possible housewarming gifts, the most fun to “wrap”; fill them up with goodies like the hosts’ favorite candy or scented candles, and tie it all up with a statement-making bow.

2. The Wine Lover’s Wine Holder

If the hosts are the type of people who abide by the motto that ‘it’s always 5:00 somewhere,’ then you can’t go wrong with a bottle of wine. Present it to them in a keepsake wine holder that they can use from years on out, and then get ready to raise a glass – and toast to a new home.

3. A Luxurious Throw Blanket

A new home just isn’t home without all the things that make it comfy and cozy, like the hygge things that bring together the people you love (we’re looking at you, oversized sofas, plush rugs and buttery-soft throw blankets!). While gifting a sofa or rug might not be the best idea (especially if the hosts aren’t expecting it and especially if you don’t know their decor scheme), a throw blanket is a tried-and-true housewarming favorite.

4. Decorative Tableware

If you want to gift practical, it doesn’t get any more practical than a decorative dish or two – which can be used for anything from serving food to collecting coins. Plus, just as with gifting a decorative basket, how you choose to fill up a decorative dish can be just as fun as the dish itself (think individually-wrapped fruit chews, caramels, chocolates or other party favorites!).

5. Statement-Makers

Sometimes, the best gifts come in the smallest packages. When on the hunt for the perfect housewarming gift, keep an eye out for little treasures that can ‘charm’ up even the smallest corner of the smallest bookcase – and fit into any decor scheme.

6. Serving Trays

For the host with an affinity for all things gourmet, a serving tray is the way to go. Pair it with foods like fruit preserves, aged cheese and other farmer’s market goodies for the most mouthwatering gift ever – and to add to an artisanal flair.

7. Keepsake Boxes

If you want to gift uniquely, think outside the box – or rather, think the box. A decorative box is a thoughtful gesture that allows the recipient to keep together any special trinkets or mementos in one elegant place. You can also stash a little “something extra” inside the box, like a package of the recipient’s favorite candy, for a sweet surprise.

8. Fresh Flowers

Nothing livens up a home like life, so give it in abundance via flowers, succulents or indoor growing plants. Arrange flowers in a decorative vase and succulents and growing plants in an all-purpose planter, so your recipient doesn’t have to worry about the logistics of storage – and can instead focus on where to place your gorgeous greenery!

9. Chic Decorations

For the host who’s somehow always en vogue whether in fashion or design, a statement accessory or two is sure to delight. If you’re not sure about the decor or color scheme of the house in question, look to the invite for clues; the style and colors of the background and typeface will often mirror the party-thrower’s personal aesthetic. For an invitation in all mod black-and-white, for example, a black and white geometric vase is sure to prove a winner!

10. Something Extra for the Kids

If the new homeowners have a young family, a kid-friendly “add-on” to the main gift takes minimal effort – but makes big waves. Housewarming parties are, after all, often ‘grown-up’-centric. Show up with an extra present for the little ones, and be prepared for ensuing rock star treatment – from both the kids and parents!

11. Timely Elegance

In today’s day and age, anything that can be digitized pretty much is. But every once in a while, in some small way, it’s good to take a step back and just let a space breathe – the pre-digital way. For new homeowners, the gift of an analog clock is a gift that can be set on any nightstand or shelf corner, amid any style of decor. It’s the gift of digital detox, bringing to a space the little “moments” of peace we all could use more of!

12. A Cuddle-Worthy Pillow

There’s no cozier gift than a good old-fashioned throw pillow. To play it safe, gift neutral colors that can blend in with any style, in any season. (For even more versatility, lean toward the smaller side, so the host can incorporate the pillow onto any sofa, chair, bench or other piece of furniture, regardless of size.) Tie around it a chic ribbon in a complementing color, and get ready for some serious gift-giving praise!

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Editorial Disclaimer: Articles featuring tips and advice are intended for educational purposes and only as general recommendations. Always practice personal discretion when using and caring for furniture, decor and related items.