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Stair Carpet Ideas + Buying Tips

If your stairs aren’t carpeted, you might want to add a stair rug. Not only does this type of rug add comfort and warmth for your feet, but it also boosts the safety of your stairs. Learn more about why you need a stair rug and how you can choose the right one for your home.

Stair Carpet (Stair Covering) Ideas

Leaving your stairs bare isn’t the best option for a number of reasons. The main one involves safety. It’s easy to slip on tile or wood when you’re walking fast, and there will likely be a time when you take the stairs just a little too quickly and end up falling. This is especially an issue to consider if you have kids or pets who may be using the stairs, as putting a stair rug on the surface will make slips a little less likely.

Plus, there’s comfort to consider. Rugs are known for being cozier and warmer than tile or hardwood. They can also absorb the noise you might make going up and down the stairs. A nice stair rug, too, can also add some much-needed style to any staircase.

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Pick a Pattern That’s Right for Your Home

As you shop for a stair rug, you’ll see lots of pretty patterns that catch your eye. But before you pick one, make sure it will look good on your stairs. This means thinking about how it will look when several stairs are breaking up the pattern.

A rug might have a nice geometric pattern, but how will it look when it’s folded or bent over a bunch of stairs so you can’t see most of it? For this reason, it’s usually best to buy a rug that doesn’t have geometric patterns. Floral designs and solid colors typically reign supreme for stair rugs.

Consider the Color

Speaking of color, should you stick with a neutral or use your rug to add a bright new hue to the room? In general, if you want your staircase to stand out as the focal point of the room, a bright color like teal will do the job. By the same token, a daring pattern like animal print will help draw the eye to the stairs, so you can use this same thought process when picking the pattern.

But if you’d prefer your staircase to blend into its surroundings, choose a rug that’s the same color as the other flooring in your house. If you don’t have any carpet to match your rug to, you can’t go wrong with a white rug or beige rug. While you’re at it, look into hallway runners to match your stair rug, as putting a runner in the hallway by the stairs can create a streamlined look for the area.

Keep Material in Mind

You have a few choices when it comes to the material of stair rugs. One of the most popular options is wool, since it’s thick and warm—which your feet will really appreciate in the winter. Thanks to their popularity, wool stair rugs come in a variety of colors and patterns. Granted, this material isn’t cheap, but it is durable, which means your wool rug should last a long time.

Another popular—and more affordable—pick for stair rugs is nylon. This material is resilient and often even stain resistant, so you won’t have to worry about replacing your nylon stair rug for a while.

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