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How to Hang Wall Art Without Nails

Adding original art to your home helps to bring out your personality as well as introduce color and shape to and enhance the mood of your rooms. However, there may be a reason you don't want to nail holes in your walls to hang your art; you might be renting and have express instructions from your landlord not to make nail holes, or, your walls might be made of expensive paneling or vintage wallpaper that you want to preserve. In these cases, don't fret: here are several ways you can display your art without damaging your walls!

Use Adhesive Hooks

Adhesive hooks, which can be found at most hardware or dollar stores, are an easy way to hang most artwork without marring the walls. They are made to adhere to most surfaces and there are varieties that can hold up to 15 pounds, which is good enough to safely hang most artwork.

Go Victorian and Make Use of the Molding

Many Victorian homes were built with "picture rails," a piece of molding that goes horizontally around the room about three-quarters or more up the wall. Picture railing was not only decorative, but was shaped so that hooks could be securely fastened around the top of the molding. This allowed homeowners to hang art without hammering into the walls. Today, similar picture railing is sold at most home improvement stores. In addition, there are modern versions of the typically wooden molding that are made of stainless steel or plexiglass.

Lean It Against a Favorite Piece of Furniture

Leaning your art gives it a casual feel that can be a good way to soften the effect of very formal art or complement a modern piece. You can angle a painting on the top of a cabinet or chest, set it on a window ledge or lean it on the wall from the top of a table or tea cart.

Display It on an Easel

Yet another way to display your art without using nails is to display it on an easel. This method, which has been popular in Europe for generations, adds a formal air, introduces another artistic element (the easel) and makes your art the focal point of the room. Easels can be fancy, like those made of polished wood or brass, or casual, like artists' easels. (Easels also have the advantage of being mobile. If you decide that your painting goes better in another room, all you have to do is move the easel. Note however, that an easel takes up quite a bit of room, so this method is not well suited to small spaces.)
Displaying your art collection doesn't have to be a struggle between wanting to add personality to your home and making nail holes in your walls. Use modern adhesive hooks, install traditional or modern picture railing, lean your art on your favorite table or chest, or get one or more easels. Whatever you do, don't leave your artwork in the closet!

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