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How to Fluff a Down Comforter

Learning how to fluff a down comforter can help to prevent a flat, deflated appearance. It also makes for a comfier, plusher sleeping experience. Incorporate these steps into your morning routine to ensure your comforter stays puffy, fluffy and luffy (we don’t know what that means, either) all over!

Fluffing a Down Comforter

Method 1: Throw It in the Dryer.

Did you know most dryers come with an “air fluff” setting? It’s one of those settings that are overlooked simply because most people tend to use the dryer for drying clothes and not necessarily things that need to be “fluffed,” like comforters. Throw a clean comforter that needs a little extra love into the dryer and use this setting. (Tip: Add in a couple dryer balls soaked with 1-2 drops of lavender or cinnamon essential oil; when your comforter comes out of the dryer, it will be fluffier – and fresher-smelling.

Method 2: Fluff by Hand.

If your dryer isn’t large enough for a comforter or doesn’t come with an “air fluff” setting, another method you can try is to fluff the comforter by hand. Lay it down on the floor (you can also lay it on a bed, but the floor will allow you to see all edges of the comforter at once). Look for lumpy sections – these are the culprits for a deflated look. Using your hands and fingers to comb through them, distribute and move the lumps more evenly. Many down comforters tend to look lumpy because of the composition of down material (it tends to stick under pressure.)

Method 3: Throw It Down.

The easiest and quickest way to fluff a comforter? Throwing it down! Every morning, use your right hand and left hand to grab the right bottom corner and left bottom corner of a comforter (respectively). Raise as much of the comforter as you can up in the air so that it billows up, then forcefully pull it down as hard as you can. In this method, air (and gravity) does most of the work for you. Incorporate it into your bed-making routine for a plush bed look and to extend the puffiness of your comforter’s life for longer.

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