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How to Decorate a Deep Corner Fireplace Mantel

Do you have a deep corner fireplace that needs a little something to make it look amazing? Mantels are the perfect opportunity to create a focal point for the room; all you need is a little creativity and a few items to dress them up.

Add Balance to Your Television

If you’re like many people and enjoy putting the television above your mantel, you won’t have much space to add knick-knacks. A simple piece of art that takes minimal space can be ideal for the centerpiece, which you can then balance out with candles or small pieces of art on either side. The centerpiece may be anything that will not block the view of the television screen; a long piece of polished driftwood, a series of figures or anything that will fit your décor could be appropriate.

Showcase Paintings

If your mantel is set on a chimney, you can help it stand out by painting the chimney a different color from the rest of the wall. This immediately draws the eye to the mantel and helps it become the focal point. Add art, family photos or a few different sculptures to make the best use of the backdrop. (This will be your accent wall, so make a point of using some brighter colors when decorating!)

Showcase Large Art

The mantel is the perfect place to hang a giant piece of art. In most cases, it’s best to stick to flat art, such as a painting, photograph or a relatively thin sculpture. The nature of the fireplace and the wall above it will draw the eye to the art you wish to show off. Be sure to set up your lighting to help enhance the piece and ensure visitors can see the entire piece. Either lamps on either side or a spotlight will work well for this purpose.

Go Minimalistic

Not all mantels need to be overly decorated. Sometimes, you can make a bigger impact with a single vase of flowers or a grouping of candles than by overdoing it. Consider adding something that lets the world know what you value, such as a lighted sign that says “family” or “adventure”; this can be set up with a piece of art that represents your life.

Reflect Your Space

Mirrors can help make even small spaces feel larger and brighter, and the mantel is the perfect place for them. Add a large mirror or several smaller ones to the wall above the mantel. To make more of an impact, aim for a shape that will stand out from the fireplace. If the fireplace has strong lines and squared-off textures, a round mirror will help soften it, while a rectangular mirror looks best with a fireplace made of stone or other irregular shapes.

Go Natural

Fire is about as natural as it gets, so it makes sense to use more of nature’s goodness above it. You can’t go wrong with polished wood, nature art, and simple lines. If you use art, plan for a simple frame that is made of wood to help set off the natural look you’re going for. You may also wish to set up other items to help decorate the mantel: try pinecones, a vase with a pretty branch or a large seashell!

Decorating your mantel is just another part of your home; consider what you love and then display that on the mantel to show the world what you value!

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Deep Corner Fireplace Mantel Decor

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