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Chair and a Half with Ottoman Buying Guide

Chair and a half. Chair and a half. Chair and a half . . . say it enough times, and it rolls right off the tongue. Here’s everything you never knew you wanted to know about this unmistakable furniture piece.

What Is a Chair and a Half?

A chair and a half is a seat that’s between a loveseat and a chair in size. In width, it's 48" and over. It’s not quite big enough to fit two adults – and not small enough to be considered a single chair. (In other words, it’s exactly what its name sounds like; whoever named it probably could’ve displayed a little more creativity!

Where to Place a Chair and a Half

These designs can be placed anywhere you have a little extra space that’s not quite large enough for a full-on sofa; think home offices, master bedrooms, entryways, and guest rooms! Chair-and-a-half’s also make the perfect ‘reading cozy’ or ‘reading nook’ companion.
More placement ideas: Opposite a sofa. For a cozy, inviting space any guest would love. | Children’s bedrooms. Storytime, anyone? | Game rooms. Take your style to the next level (pun intended).

Why Choose a Chair and a Half? These designs may have a funny name, but they don’t joke around when it comes to comfort. An extra deep seat means extra space for stretching out – or curling up. (If you like a good ‘curl-up-in-a-ball-and-read-for-hours’ session, a chair and a half’s got your name on it.) Another benefit of these designs is that they save space. Where traditionally a sofa or loveseat would go, a chair and half takes up less of the floor (and as any small space dweller knows, floor space = precious currency)!

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