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What Is a Cuddler Chair?

Often designed with oversized dimensions – making it easy for two people to cuddle up in one cozy seat – cuddler chairs give new meaning to home comfort.

Generous Proportions

A cuddler chair wouldn't be doing its job if it didn't provide ample space for stretching out and/or cuddling up! Featuring extra-spacious dimensions in the seating area, armrests and backrests, cuddler chairs mean all the more cozy, cushiony room to relax and unwind. Use a cuddler chair to snuggle with a partner – or by yourself to stretch out in comfy bliss.
Maurer power-lift cuddler chair

Cozy Padding

When it comes to coziness, extra-large seating means nothing without high levels of super cozy padding – which is why every cuddler chair features cushions designed for maximum comfort.

Super-Soft Fabric

From super-soft, velvety fabric to buttery-soft leather, the upholstery options for cuddler chairs take 'comfort' to a whole new level.

Soothing Mechanisms

Some cuddler chairs come with power motion capabilities designed to tailor your lounging experience exactly to your comfort preferences. For a combination of old-fashioned armchair comfort with modern reclining technology, look for cuddler chairs that feature adjustable backrests, footrests, and headrests.

Tobin power-lift cuddler chair

How Many People Can a Cuddler Chair Seat?

While cuddlers come in all types of sizes, most cuddler chairs offer just enough seating room for two people to 'cuddle up' together – and lots of room for one person to stretch out luxuriously. Whether you're looking for a cozy two-seater or an armchair to call your own – or a design that will let you have both – cuddler chairs and recliners are one of the easiest ways to add extra seating in the living room or bedroom without taking up a whole lot of space.

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