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The Easiest, Fastest Spring Cleaning Checklist You'll Ever Complete…We Promise!

The words “spring cleaning” conjure different emotions in different people. Some of us can’t wait to clean up our homes after a long winter hibernation, and we take pleasure and delight in the prospect of a top-to-bottom house cleaning. Others, well, are not so excited to face the cleaning tasks that await. But alas, we have come up with spring cleaning tips and hacks for lovers and haters alike.

Whether you’re determined to do a deep cleaning, or simply want to tidy up, we have a free printable Spring Cleaning Checklist that you can tackle to your liking. You can attack every nook and cranny with abandon, or take it nice and easy and go at your own pace. Regardless, we promise you will be happy with the results.

Before we dive in, we want to answer your top 3 burning spring cleaning questions:

Q: What are 3 things you can get rid of for spring cleaning?
A: The process of decluttering may be the most satisfying part of spring cleaning. We’re all about “out with the old and in with the new,” so why not start with the closets? The fastest way to make space for more storage is to clear things out. Clothes, shoes and accessories are easy to part with and donate. Next, head to the kitchen and assess your tupperware, pots/pans, utensils, serveware and small appliances situation. These things have a way of accumulating year after year, so we recommend doing a thorough purge. Last but not least, take a look at your towels and linens. We suggest having an extra set of sheets for every bed as well as a set of towels for every family member and guests. Once you’ve got those bases covered, it’s time to say goodbye to everything else.
Q: What months are best for spring cleaning?
We find that most of us get in the swing of spring and in the mood to clean when the weather is warming up and the sun is shining brighter. With that in mind, it’s best to set aside spring cleaning tasks for March, April and May. Now, you can be a real go-getter and finish in weeks or even days! If you prefer to take things slow, it’s perfectly fine to allot a certain part of your home to a certain month, i.e. living room in March, kitchen/dining room in April and bedrooms in May. Go at your own rate and stick with it.
Q: Is spring cleaning the same as deep cleaning?
Yes and no. Spring cleaning marks the beginning of a new season and that usually ushers in fresh motivation for rejuvenation. It’s reserved for a specific time of year, because the cold, lazy months when everyone is cooped up are melting away and making way for all things light, bright and airy. We want our interiors to reflect what’s going on outside, so as the sun pops out, we do too. Now, we can choose to deep clean during spring cleaning, but we can really do a deep cleaning during any time of year. Do whatever is best for you.
Living Room Checklist
Clean Upholstery and Pillows
Flip Cushions and Clean Beneath and Behind Them
Declutter, Wipe Down and Reorganize Bookshelves
Declutter, Wipe Down and Reorganize Tables/Media Unit
Wipe Down Remote Controls and Accessories
Kitchen/Dining Room
Clean Stovetop
Clean Stainless Steal Appliances
Clean Small Appliances (coffee maker, blender, etc.)
Declutter and Wipe Down Countertops
Declutter, Clean and Reorganize Kitchen Cabinets
Declutter, Clean and Reorganize Refrigerator/Freezer
Declutter, Clean and Reorganize Pantry
Declutter, Clean and Reorganize Sideboard/Buffet/Server
Clean and Polish Faucets
Restock Dish Soap
Drop Ice Cubes into Garbage Disposal, Grind and Rinse with Cold Water
Launder Comforters/Duvet/Linens and Sheets in the Washer
Dust Lampshades
Declutter, Clean and Reorganize Dresser, Chest, Nightstands
Declutter, Clean and Reorganize Closets
Throughout Your Home
Vacuum/Shampoo Carpets and/or Rugs
Mop Floors
Sweep Floors
Scrub Tile Grout
Clean Baseboards
Clear Cobwebs
Tackle Grime
Clean Light Fixtures
Clean Ceiling Fans
Clean Windows/Wash Windows
Clean Window Sills
Polish Metals and Wood Materials
Wipe Down Light Switches
Check/Change Light Bulbs
Cleaning Products and Cleaning Supplies
Sanitize, Disinfect and Deodorize Fabrics, Rugs and Carpets
Take Advantage of DIY Cleaning Solutions that Utilize Baking Soda and White Vinegar
Don’t Underestimate the Power of Hot Water and Soapy Water
Be Sure to Have Plenty of Paper Towels, Microfiber Cloths and Dusters on Hand

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