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Tablecloth Size Chart

Tablecloths or linens can be a great style accessory if you’re looking to add length, texture and color to your table setting – that is, if you have the sizing right. Mastering tablecloth sizing comes down to a few simple calculations, starting with the size and shape of your table. Whether you’re a restaurant or hosting a small party and want to get the look “just right,” following these size suggestions will ensure a perfect fit.

Why Consider Size?

A tablecloth can easily make or break the look of a dining setting – and the physical experience of your guests. Too small, and it can easily get moved around, potentially causing things to spill and fall off. Too large, and you’ll end up with unsightly “bunching” or too much drapery around the bottom of the table. An improper size also just looks awkward, especially if there’s more tablecloth on one side of the table than the other. (Nobody wants an asymmetrical tablescape!)

Another reason to consider size: The length of a tablecloth can have a massive impact on elegance level. The longer the “drop” (or the amount of distance the cloth hangs from the sides of the table), the more formal the feel. (In a way, the tablecloth length-formality ratio is comparable to the woman’s dress-formality ratio!) A floor-length drop for a beer-and-snacks game-watching party can feel stuffy and out of place – a 6-10” drop would be better suited for such an occasion). But if you’re hosting a fancy “black tie optional” cocktail party, by all means, go floor-length.

Sometimes, knowing the right amount of drop you need is something you just know. As in fashion, when in doubt, it’s better to be more formal at a casual event than vice versa!

Find the Measurements

Measure your table. This is most easily accomplished with a retractable measurer; if you’re working with a rectangular table, start at one end of the length of your table and measure to the next, then start at one end of the width of your table and measure to the next. Another approach is to simply measure from the center of the table to the edge, then double that number to get the table’s width or length. (This latter method will also apply to round tables – just measure from the center of the table to the edge in a straight line.) If you are extra particular about the look of your tablecloth and want to know exactly – by the inch – how it will hang, you will also need to measure the table’s height. (The calculations below are recommended for tables that stand 28” – 30” high.)

For an easy way to find the exact size tablecloth needed for a floor-length drop for a rectangular table: Double the height of your table and add it to the length and width. 

Tablecloth Size Chart – Calculating the Size of a Tablecloth

To calculate the size tablecloth needed, you will first need to figure out how much of a drop you want. (“Drop” = the amount of cloth that falls over the side of the table.) We recommend a 9” drop. (If you’re after a formal look, go longer.)

Table Shape/Size











Tablecloth Size











Calculating a tablecloth size on your own (this is handy to know if you want a custom tablecloth drop length or your table is not standard size) is simple. In general, you’ll need to double the amount of ‘drop’ you want and then add it to the length of the table.

  • For Round Tables: Multiply the drop length you want by two then add the diameter of the table.
  • For Square Tables: Multiply the drop length you want by two then add the length of the table.
  • For Rectangular Tables: Multiply the drop length by two then add the length and width of the table.

If you already own a tablecloth and want to know how much drop it will give on your table, simply subtract the length of the cloth from the length of the table and divide by two.

What About Table Runners?

For a balanced look, the width of your runner should be about a third of the width of your table. So, if your table is 50” wide, the runner should be about 17” wide. In terms of drop length, that’s up to you; we recommend going shorter for a casual look and longer for more formal settings.

Standard Tablecloth Sizes

Did you know that most stores sell ‘standard’ tablecloth sizes? These are usually as follows: 41”x41” for square, 60” for round and 52”x70” for rectangular. Most are available at craft or fabric stores. If you’re having trouble finding the right tablecloth size, check the “linen” section in general; a sheet of linen that isn’t necessarily a “tablecloth” per se can still work beautifully when used as a tablecloth – pay no mind to labels!

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