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Jewelry Storage Ideas to Keep Your Baubles Organized

When it comes to jewelry organization, you’ve got your bracelets, necklaces and earrings to deal with, the main staples that most girls and women tend to amass a large collection of through their lives. But there’s also the other, harder-to-work with pieces to think about, like rings, brooches, ear cuffs, tiaras and hair pins. If your collection is growing into a tangled jumble of chaos, try these jewelry storage ideas for size – they’re easy to keep organized (plus, they’re stylish)!
If you’ve been stashing your baubles in the same jewelry box you’ve had since you were a kid, it’s time for an upgrade. (This is especially true if your jewelry collection keeps growing in size – trying to sort through dozens of pieces, find matching earrings, untangle chains isn’t exactly the most fun way to spend ten minutes.) Not only will organizers designed for storing jewelry help to prevent tangling and keep your most-used pieces easy to access, they also look super-chic and sophisticated.

1. Jewelry Storage Drawers

A small accent chest designed specifically for the function of keeping jewelry – complete with felt-lined drawers for ring, bracelet and necklace organizers.

2. Jewelry Hook Door

Seen here, another creative way to organize jewelry: Small hooks attached to the inside of a chest door. Use these for hanging necklaces and other types of jewelry items with chains or strings.

3. Jewelry Holder

You can also go the tabletop route – instead of keeping jewelry inside a furniture piece like an accent chest or nightstand, why not display it outward? A chic holder with “arms” to separate each item makes finding each item a breeze – and serves as stylish décor in its own right.

4. Jewelry Chest

Finally, consider a design with all of the above! A two-in-one design that features a jewelry organizer drawer plus a door with hooks – and top it all off with a decorative tabletop holder!

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