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Winter Mantel Decor for the After-Christmas Season

7 winter mantel decor ideas to keep things chill — even after Christmas.
the no-mantel mantel look
1. The No-Mantel Mantel Look
Who said fireplaces require mantels? You can still create a stunning display around your fireplace with the room's natural architectural elements. Consider creating a gallery wall above your fireplace showcasing art, mirrors, or even a wreath to draw the eye upward.
pinecones and winter greenery
2. Pinecones and Winter Greenery
For a natural, rustic feel, opt for pinecones, evergreen Christmas trees, and other greenery to create an earthy vibe. These items make for a texturally diverse display that adds depth to your decor. You can also add fairy lights for an extra touch of magic.
3. New Year’s Glam
Ring in the New Year with a little bit of glitz. Consider utilizing metallic decor elements such as silver candlesticks, glittery vase fillers, or a decorative clock to countdown to midnight. Don't forget to add some confetti and balloons to make your setup feel like a true celebration.

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neutral color palettes
4. Neutral Color Palettes
Keeping it all-neutral is a timeless look that never goes out of style. You can layer various hues of white or off-white, such as ivory and cream, to give your mantel an ethereal, dreamy feeling. Adding a white candle or a snow globe will complete the look.
5. A Winter Look Mantel Vignette
A mantel vignette focuses on the greater space, not just the mantel itself. The mantel is a part of an aesthetic; it itself is not the aesthetic. For example, think of a wintry or holiday accent chair arranged next to the mantel. Or a winter gallery wall above the mantel. The entire ensemble creates a beautiful and visually stunning display in any living room corner.
6. Texture Wonderland
Texture plays a huge role in the aesthetic, whether you're going for a cozy, frosty look or a rustic, woodsy feel. You can add texture through faux fur throws, woven baskets, or fake snow on the mantel. Bring out the texture with a snowy rug on the hearth to create a cozy, wintry theme in the room’s overall vibe.
7. Creating a Wintry Landscape
Embrace the winter season, and bring it indoors by creating a wintry landscape on your mantel. Incorporate woodsy, forest-inspired decor by adding wall art with a forest theme, throwing in birch-wood accent trees, or decorating with natural elements like pinecones and tree twigs. If the room’s walls and floors are dark wood, or you have a mahogany accent chairs, a bench or other woodsy furniture under the mantel, all the better for the cozy vibes.

What Do You Put on a Mantel After Christmas?

Decorating a mantel after Christmas can be fun precisely because of the unique challenge: there's no set theme. Unlike the holidays, winter seasonal decor can be interpreted how you wish. Popular ways to cement the colder months within your home include evergreen branches, wreaths, deer and forest creature figurines and pine-scented candles. All of these items look great on above a fireplace on a mantel in December and on.

How Do You Decorate a Mantel for Winter?

The best way to get started on mantel-decorating for winter is to figure out your colors and go from there. Wintry colors are anything cool: frosty blues, whites and silvers bring out the seasonal feel. (Get those through runners, jars, votives and string garland.) Pinecones and greens add great contrast!

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