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10 Galentine's Day Ideas, Planned By Our Designers

Discover the cutest Galentine’s Day Ideas – brought to you by three LS designers. Use them as jumping-off points for your next all-gals bash, and enjoy some bonus tips for making the most of the holiday.
Blush-Worthy Decor

#1: Curate a festive vignette – even if it’s ‘just for looks.’ It will add mood (and a little bit of luxe) to the party’s setting. You can even incorporate it into your entryway for an elegant welcome!

#2: “DIY photo booth. Anyone with a phone and social media will love this. All you need is balloons and a fringe backdrop. Be sure to keep the party's color scheme which will most likely include red and pink.”

– Cha’queza Telp, Living Spaces Designer

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Over pink? Go glam.

blush and beige
Blush and Beige
#3: “Go beyond the typical reds and pinks that you associate with Valentine’s Day. Wow your guests by choosing complementary colors to your neutral spaces with the rich and sexy colors like dusty rose, mauve, pink rose, red velvet, blush, and cherry red. ‘Ooh’ and ‘ahh’ your gal friends with some bling, shine and shimmer with some crystals and metallic accessories!”

– Danny Hsu, Living Spaces Designer

#4: “We all know we have a dark corner of the room that could use some life. Try adding a floor lamp to make the space more inviting to guests and liven up those dark corners. When hosting a party you can always play around with color-changing light bulbs, changing the color as the night goes along.”
– Brynna Evans, Living Spaces Designer

Sweet Talk
#5: “Prepare your living room for a night in with the ladies! Adding luxurious accent pillows and blankets to your sofa is the perfect way to relax and binge watch movies. If there isn’t enough space for your girls on your sofa, you can always use ottomans, poufs, or benches as extra seating for all your friends.”

– Brynna Evans, Living Spaces Designer

#6: “Setting up an appetizer and dessert table for your guests is a great way to start the evening and treat yourself and your friends. Start by clearing off your favorite buffet or bar table to showcase your goodies. Decorate with cozy colors for a homey rustic vibe, perfect for a night in with the gals.”
– Brynna Evans, Living Spaces Designer

#7: “Pick a signature cocktail. When throwing any party with a theme, having a signature cocktail can steal the show, while also giving your guests a festive beverage to enjoy.”
– Cha’queza Telp, Living Spaces Designer

#8: Set up the dining room with tables for two, and rotate seats through each course of the meal. If your guests don’t all know each other, this is a perfect way to get them acquainted. Like speed dating, but for friendship!

#9: As an icebreaker, give each guest a pen and small notecards. Have her write one compliment or note of encouragement for each guest in attendance. At the end of the party, send each guest home with a ‘goody bag’ filled with her ‘notes of love!

#10: To elevate the ‘fun-ness,’ invoke the senses. For background music, stream your favorite ‘girl power’ playlist. And cater to the olfactory: keep a diffuser or candle going with a fragrance like vanilla or cotton candy to match a ‘sweet’ theme!'

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Ways to Celebrate Galentine's Day

Throwing an all-out bash filled with ‘grammable decor and appetizers isn’t the only way to spend the 13th. In fact, it’s probably not even the best way (ahem, movie night in p.j.’s, anyone?). Here are a host of alternative ways to spend Galentine’s – lowkey, the way you want!

PJ Night, but Make it Fashion
Sometimes, a night spent in pajamas with a good movie and good friends is all anyone can ask for. Make it extra fun by telling the invitees to ‘color code’ in pink, red – or black, if you’re feeling rebellious. Hand out face masks and let the stress-melting begin!

Brunch Out
If dining out for a special dinner on Valentine’s Day makes your eyes roll way back, then skip it altogether and make reservations for brunch on February 13. Invite the girls – and arrive early to set the table with your own custom Galentine’s décor place settings for a sweet surprise!

Day Trip
Plan a mini road trip – just with your best gal pals. (Nothing says ‘quality time’ like a long car ride!) Choose a destination you’ve always wanted to visit, and this Galentine’s day you’ll be able to tick off another box on your bucket list while making memories with your besties.

Watch: The Perfect Tablescape for Galentine's Hosting

Room Makeover

Got a spare room that’s been feeling blah? Maybe it’s a living room nook or a guest bedroom. Either way, use the lovely occasion that is Galentine’s to dress it up to the nines. Bring in splashes of colors you love, and if you’re really feeling it, now’s as good a time as any to paint a new accent wall!

Splurge on a New Outfit
Celebrate by treating yourself! Seal the deal on that blouse that’s been sitting in your cart for ages. Say ‘yes’ to the next social media ad that catches your eye. Get in your order before the big day. Even if you’re not going anywhere on Galentine’s Day, still make an effort to dress to impress yourself!

Reconnect with Old Friends
While Galentine’s technically is one day (Feb. 13), it also encompasses a spirit of love and friendship. Let it serve as the perfect motivator to reconnect with old friends – and make memories with the new.

Puzzle It Out
If you’re hosting, here’s a party idea you’ll friends will remember forever: turn a photo of you and your friends into a puzzle! During Galentine’s festivities, bring it out of the box for the guests to piece together. (You can find custom puzzles in most online photo retailers, such as Shutterfly, which allows for a wide variety of customization options and collage puzzles, among other gifts.)

Arts & Crafts Station
Set up a jewelry-making table! Make sure you’ve got all the supplies (beads, strings, clasps). Then, grab a friend – or five – and spend an evening creating custom necklaces and bracelets they’ll cherish forever. You can even “customize” pieces by using a fine-point pen to write ‘Galentine’s 2023’ on a plain bead.

Lovable Favors
The perfect Galentine’s token that can be given as a dinner party favor or as a straight-up gift to give at your next girlfriends’ meetup: “Coupon books” filled with personalized ‘friend dates’ to share with your BFFs. Spa days, beach days, brunches and more will now have to happen, because it’s in writing!

Veg Out
Been a while since you enjoyed some quality “you time?” Spend the holiday doing nothing at all. Make yourself a bowl of ice cream (or your choice of indulgence), hit ‘play’ on the series you’ve been meaning to watch but never had the time, curl up on a recliner with a blanket and enjoy unadulterated bliss.

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