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Paris Decor Ideas for Your Personal Chateau

Welcome to the Chateau [insert your name here]! In this chateau, every room is filled with Paris decor — the way the Parisians do it. Paris may be a city in the “real” world, but in the world of fashion, design and art, Paris is everything. Whether you’re a painter, decorator or designer, it’s where you go if you want to learn a thing or two — and get inspired by the trailblazers of our time. Of course, traveling to the City of Lights isn’t always an option (hello, quarantine); so to help keep you on your decorating toes, we’ve compiled our best decorating tips — inspired for you, by Paris.

Paris Room Decor Ideas

Sure, you can hang up a picture of the Eiffel Tower and call it a day — or you can embrace the essence of Paris through timeless decor reminiscent of the city’s style. In a word, Paris style is sophisticated. It’s romantic, feminine and elegant. It’s ooh la la! It’s delicate with notes of Victorian influence.
In this Parisian living room, soft neutrals get elevated with royal blue (on the living room sofa). Also note the intricate area rug, vignette-like curio (inspired by French-Victorian designs) and the grand Provincial hand-carved and stained fireplace (partially hidden on the back wall).
Francophiles will appreciate this “all-French, all-over” accent table, with its classical details like carved base and chic grey finish. Pairs perfectly with a curved back, cabriole chair (see next photo!)
A curvy accented back with tight seat cushions and cabriole wood legs are the traditional-style parts that make up the greater Paris-inspired whole that is this tres chic accent chair. Note how the statement brown hue of the legs contrasts sharply with the rest of the design — Paris at its best.
A subtler version of the “Paris dining room;” gorgeous dining chairs, slipcovered with armless sides vis-a-vis a neutral color palette (seeing a pattern here?) over a simple grey rug.
Here, a spindle bed with five pointed spindles; sheer linen drapes; tableau rug and the obligatory fleurs. Taking a closer look, you’ll catch a glimpse of the matching bedside table and runway-worthy, fashion designer-approved black poodle (a Paris must).
It’s not as simple as hanging up a picture of the Eiffel Tower or Arc de Triomphe. To really get the vibe, you’ve got to think like a modern-day Parisian: Think sleek, chic and bright-and-airy!

What Makes Parisian Decor?

Wondering how to get “the look?” Grab a croissant, and get to reading: Here are our top fourteen “essentials” for Parisian decorating!
  • Light neutrals. Light neutrals to keep the space flowy is a must in Paris decorating. Avoid big “dark” pieces, which are more “trend” than they are “timeless.”
  • Carved wood. Take another look at the images above; almost all have incorporations of carved wood. Today, carved wood is Paris’ modern tribute to the rich details of traditional European design.
  • Feminine & Romantic. Parisian style is elegant and gives off the feeling of delicacy; it’s a whirlwind of femininity and Romanticism, with neutral colors and simple textures to keep the vibe light.
  • Sophistication (modern). Look for modern touches in a Paris-styled home — because you will find them. Whether it’s an incorporation of a trendy art piece or pillow, Parisian style does nothing if not “blend” the past with the present.
  • Minimalism. Along the same vein, Paris decor errs on the style of minimalism. Whereas its ancestral aesthetic (Traditional design) is ornate, Paris emanates simplicity.
  • A touch of pattern. Florals and fleur-de-lis in rugs, pillows, blankets and artwork capture Paris style. Just remember to hold back a bit; Paris style is understated.
  • Maps and symbols. Of course, the blunter variations of Paris-decorated rooms will include artwork of the Eiffel Tower, maps of the streets of the city itself and French word art — and there’s nothing wrong with that! Sometimes, you simply can’t hold back your love for this most romantic of cities (we can totally relate).
  • Upholstery. You’ll want to incorporate upholstery in the backs of accent chairs, the seats of dining chairs and in the form of a tufted ottoman and rounded stool.
  • A little bit of fashion. You can’t call your style Parisian if it doesn’t include elements of fashion. Hang a wall hook on a hallway or living room wall to show off a chic floppy hat or statement bag. (Not feeling so bold? You can also consider fashion wall art — in place of actual fashion “wall art.”)
  • A little bit of history. Paris decor at its richest incorporates the history of the city through bits and pieces of decor. An Arc de Triomphe bookend or a miniature bust of the Venus de Milo, for starters.
  • Sleek surfaces. Avoiding the use of distressed finishes or a “weathered, aged” look, Parisian aesthetic thrives on glossy accents and modernistic touches.
  • Natural light. If you’ve got drapes, pull them back. If you have a window, open it. A Paris-style home is one that embraces lightness, brightness and freshness. It feels “new” — no matter how old it actually is.
  • A touch of color. With a palette of light neutrals, it’s easy to incorporate pops of color when you feel like it. For a singularly Paris feel, opt for light pink or purple.
  • A touch of glam. Elegance, class and a note of glam go hand in hand; in Parisian decor, the latter is embodied through accent metallics (a statement mirror) and other luxury decor (a crystal lampshade being one).

Et pour la chambre . . . 

In the bedroom, incorporate florals. Whether you choose to do this through an actual bouquet in a vase or a still life painting, you truly can’t go wrong with a petal or two. 

You’ll also want to consider a canopy bed. This is because canopy beds invite the potential for a sheer, drapey, feminine canopy - a Parisian aesthetic if there ever was one. 

Finally, consider mirrors, and especially a vanity. A French mademoiselle puts care into her nightly routine and frankly is the embodiment of Parisian style.

Iconography of Paris

Here are just a few of the icons associated with the City of Love and its style; incorporate them into your artwork, memorabilia decor, coffee table books and/or something as simple as artful conversations with your guests!

  • Historical landmarks. Arc de Triomphe and Eiffel Tower: The city’s world-famous massive triumphal arch and tower (respectively).
  • Fashion icons. Coco Chanel, Christian Dior and Christian Louboutin are among the most associated with the “Parisian look.”
  • Cinema icons. The French New Wave of the ‘60s ushered in the likes of neorealist filmmakers such as Jean-Luc Godard and Ana Karina.
  • River. A river boat tour along the Seine, anyone?
  • Food. French macarons, croissants and some fine wine.

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