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Mother of Pearl Decor 🌊 Inspiration by the Sea

When life is spent on the seaside, it’s only natural for shells, rocks and seaglass to make their way into home decor. Mother of pearl, an opal shell layer produced in mollusks, prized for its rainbow-like sheen, is the best way to capture the sun and sea in one material. Here are some trends that use mother of pearl decor – and a few of our favorite products that feature it.
1. Mother of Pearl Side Table
A honeycomb style layer, made completely of freshwater pearl shells: this is the definitive coastal-elegant trend. Place a mother of pearl side table next to a linen sofa for the kind of texture-material-color contrast interior designers dream about.
2. Geo-Faceted Shells + Vases
The modern angles of geometry, in combination with the naturalness of ocean-sourced mother of pearl, deconstructs perceptions of what interior design can do. Pair mosaic side tables and sharp vases.
3. Mother of Pearl Box
The mother of pearl box, encasing all your family and sentimental keepsakes, feels like an appropriate way to incorporate a handcrafted look into your decor. Shown here, a lacquered mussel shell pattern tints a briny air.
4. Sand-Colored Pearl Palettes
Framing your palette around beigy colors brings out the nature of mother of pearl. As complementing décor to a mother of pearl table, a neutral-matte metallic figurine blends in like a wave upon the sand at low tide.
5. Dark Mother of Pearl Tiles
The darker the shells, the further from coastal you’ll venture. Go with black, brown and gold for a more glam, goth or exotic-modern twist.
6. Mother of Pearl Chimes
Genuine mother of pearl is airy and almost mythological. (The iridescent glow of authentic shells begs the company of mermaids, sirens and other captivating legends.) Let the airy nature of windchimes drive home the essence.
7. Pearl-Trimmed Mirror
Enhancing the light-reflective qualities of a mirror, a pearl-trimmed frame, in intricate inlay, transforms wall space into a portal of some aquatic dimension.

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