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Elegant Ways to Use Your Birthstone in Your Home Decor

For years, people have worn jewelry that incorporates their birthstone (a gemstone representing the month a person was born). Now, these eye-catching gems are making their way to the home decor space. With more and more people decorating rooms based on the color of their birthstone, you might be wondering: why is this a trend?
Birthstones are popular for two main reasons: their appearance and meaning. Not only are the colors aesthetically pleasing, but they also hold a personal connection to the owner. Ultimately, they're a great way to brighten up a room and show off your personality. If you're interested in trying this decor style, check out these design tips for all 12 birthstones.

January - Garnet

The deep, enticing hues of garnet red will immediately put anyone at ease. You'll often find this color in rooms designed for relaxation (such as living rooms and bedrooms). Since the rich color can be overpowering, it's best suited for accessory pieces like rugs, bedspreads, wall hangings or throw pillows.

February - Amethyst

If you're looking for a color that catches the eye, amethyst does the trick. This strong, purple stone, which is believed to bring healing and clarity, makes for a great decoration in itself. For those who would rather just use the color, amethyst is best suited for accent items — a deep purple lamp or vase will grab attention without overpowering a space.

March - Aquamarine

Nothing says serenity quite like aquamarine. Reflecting the blue-green hues of the ocean, aquamarine brings feelings of peace and relaxation. Not to mention, it gives off a beach vibe. It's best for casual, light-hearted spaces, such as a children's bedroom or play-room. Keep things simple with aquamarine pillows and rugs, or go the full mile by painting walls with this fun color.

April - Crystal

There's no denying the elegance of crystals — these translucent gems can make even the simplest room more refined. The best part is, they match with almost every color, which means you can place them anywhere. You'll typically find this birthstone woven into lamps, chandeliers or figurines.

May - Emerald

Around the world, emeralds are recognized for their luxurious, bright green color, which brings a sense of elegance to any space. Emerald green can quickly dominate a room, which is why you should be careful when decorating with it. Try to reserve emerald for accessories and accent pieces. For example, you could light up a room with an emerald lamp, or add a pop of color with an emerald throw pillow.

June - Pearl

Pearls don't just make for sophisticated necklaces — their color is also excellent in statement pieces. The slight, off-white hue of pearl is elegant without being too formal, and it can fit in almost anywhere. Whether you're looking for furniture and decor items or a new color to paint the walls, pearl is a great way to go.

July - Ruby

There's a reason why rubies are so popular. Not only are the rich, glimmering red tones aesthetically pleasing, but they also reflect prosperity and good fortune. Some people even argue that rubies bring good luck. Whether you're superstitious or skeptical, you should consider using this color for furniture. A ruby red couch, chair or bedspread is inviting, elegant and eye-catching.

August - Peridot

Are you looking for a bright, naturalistic color to bring a pop of freshness to your indoor rooms? Peridot has you covered. Less rich than emerald, it reflects the color of authentic greenery. You can easily insert peridot into your home by investing in a few houseplants. It's also commonly found in lamps, vases and other accessories.

September - Sapphire

Do you appreciate the elegance of crystals and pearls, but wish they had more color? If so, sapphire may be the right color for you. Believed to calm the mind and soul, sapphire represents wisdom and peace. Nearly any room can benefit from the calming effects of sapphire — even a small accessory, like a sapphire vase or painting frame, will lighten a space.

October - Rose Zircon

It's hard to pinpoint the color of rose zircon. Although some people will liken it to pink, it has hues of red and orange. When these different tones merge, you're left with a unique, alluring color that encourages positive emotions. If you want to brighten an otherwise drab or gloomy room, try adding some rose zircon wall hangings or decor items.

November - Topaz

From pillows and rugs to vases and lamps, there's no shortage of topaz decor items. The fiery, orange colors, which represent wisdom and strength, breathe life into any space. While the color might be too overwhelming to paint the walls with, it's excellent for accessories. Alternatively, you can naturally bring topaz into a room by installing a fireplace.

December - Blue Zircon

December may be known for cold, uncomfortable weather, but its birthstone — blue zircon — couldn't be more welcoming. Similar to baby blue pastels, blue zircon reflects warmth and happiness. It's also believed to encourage a restful state. In terms of decor, blue zircon can go anywhere. Smear it on the walls, use it for accessories, or incorporate it into lighting — the choice is yours!

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