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Jewel Rules: 4 Ways to Make Your Home Glow with Jewel Tones

When the weather gets cooler, colors tend to get darker. Enter this season's jewel tone trend. Really, jewel tones are just the richer, more luxurious cousins of our favorite go-to hues. In fact, every color of the rainbow has a jewel-toned counterpart: Red = Ruby, Orange = Amber, Yellow = Citrine, Green = Emerald, Blue = Sapphire, Purple = Amethyst. So when you want to create a cozy, glowing atmosphere, simply trade in brights for gemstone shades and watch your space transform from energetic to romantic. Here are the 4 "jewel rules" we like to follow.

Jewel Rule 1 | Make it Sophisticated

Jewel tones are inherently elegant, so rule numero uno is to keep them feeling swanky and sophisticated. From the details and materials you use to complement these shades, to the furnishings you use to class up the joint, everything should fit a theme of refinement. Think plush daybeds and luxe layers - from thick curtains, to soft rugs

Jewel Rule 2 | Make it Shine

Like any piece of jewelry, you want to make your jewel tones sparkle and shine. That’s why you bring in warm metallics. Gold, bronze and brass are no-brainer pairings that will give your setting that special something. It doesn’t take much to fancy things up either. From trays, to candleholders, to the finish on a chair leg, small doses have a significant impact.

Jewel Rule 3 | Make it Cozy

On their own, jewel tones create a sensuous, luxurious ambiance, but when you add in textures to match, that’s when the true magic happens. Velvets are an obvious way to go, and you can take things further with smooth leather, irresistible faux furs, soft shearling and silks. From pillows, to throw blankets, to ottomans and accent chairs, the possibilities for incorporating these layers are limitless.

Jewel Rule 4 | Make it Entertaining

What's the point of creating this gorgeous, glowing setting if you have nobody to share it with? That's why our fourth and final rule is all about entertaining. Put jewel tones to work on dining chairs, sofas, poufs and other perches, so guests will always feel welcome anywhere in your home and utterly enchanted by your style.

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