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How to Style a King Size Bed With Different Bedding Types

Even from the second-largest bed size (Queen size), a King size bed can feel dramatically different. It’s the biggest standard size you can purchase, and with all that room comes more surface area to style. From color schemes for decorative throws to shams, pillowcases, duvet covers and sheet sets of different texture, material and patterns, tons of bedding options may have you asking yourself where to start. Here, we aim to answer that — with photos of a variety of styled King beds, plus notes along with each that break down why interior designers are gravitating toward these looks.

1. A Statement Headboard
Looking online, King beds fit into a small square on your screen. Judging by digital appearances alone, many make the mistake of underestimating how big a King size bed truly is. (It’s really big.) So big, in fact, that one of the first rules to follow when styling one is to find a just-as-big statement piece to tie it all together. When you throw in bed pillow arrangements, blankets, duvets and quilts, a King size headboard will keep all elements feeling pulled-together and refined.
2. Cloud White Bedding
For a bed size as massive as King, going less with your colors will add an airy lightness to your master bedroom. Because anything King-size is going to be more expensive than Queen, Full and Twin, going all-white is also cost-efficient. Why? An all-white duvet set matches with anything under the sun. (Every color, texture and pattern goes with white; if you want to refresh your bed’s style every few years, all you need to do is replace the cheaper items like pillows and throw blankets for a new bed look.)
3. Mixture of Patterns
Mixing in your favorite patterns (hello stripes, plaids, polka dots) is a surefire way to take your King size bed from standard-catalog-issue to one that’s born from your own one-of-a-kind taste and personality. While the expertise of an interior designer or professional decorator can steer you in the right direction for colors and textures, the truth is no one can curate a better bed than your own instincts. Your bed is the most personal spot of your house: make it reflect that with throw pillows that make your heart flutter.
4. Foot-of-the-Bed Bench
Every statement headboard needs an opposite and equal foot-of-the-bed counterpart. An end-of-the-bed bench bookends a King bed with classic style. It also elongates the bed length even more — which helps for adding extra legroom if needed. (This is helpful if you sleep with pets or a taller partner.) It also makes a great way to include a focal point. Shown here, a small planter on the bed bench adds hard detail, creating contrast and a way to break up the soft linens of the bedding.
How to Choose Bedding for a King Size Bed
You want bedding for a King bed to be durable. King bedding bears the brunt of size; flimsy material won’t last long with the weight of a King duvet or quilt, especially if used everyday. Linen and cotton blends are popular and durable for this type of bed size.
Popular Bedding Styles for King Size Beds
In terms of style, King beds can be just about anything. Contemporary, traditional, coastal, cottage are very popular at the moment. Since it is the bedroom, a hard-and-fast rule is to keep the main bedspread in a neutral, as calming colors will help you fall asleep faster.
How to Coordinate Pillows and Throws for a King Size Bed
Coordinate pillows and throws by size. Start with two King size pillows at the headboard, then two large accent pillows in front of them. Finish off the accent pillows with two or three long lumbar pillows, and fold a coverlet or throw blanket at the base of the bed for a cozy finish. For a classic and calming take on bedding, make sure each set of two exactly matches. (The sets don’t have to match each other — just the pillows within each set.)
King Size Headboard and Bed Frame Ideas
You have several options for King headboards and bedframes: mainly, fabric and wood. Wood tends to give a more traditional vibe and isn’t as versatile for styling options. Fabric, on the other hand, commonly comes in a variety of features, such as tufted, nailhead and velvet. Opt for the latter for a cozy master bedroom feel! (While wood isn’t as cozy as fabric, getting down to the details can help get it there. Try distressed wood for a Farmhouse or rustic charm that feels more laidback than clean wood. Also pay attention to silhouettes like curves and arches — the rounder the headboard and bedframe, the cozier the feel!)
Decorating Around a King Size Bed
Need a super simple way to decorate around your bedding? Bring in a bedroom bench. Benches are designed to add extra seating, storage and style to a King bed, while stretching the appearance of its length. (And here’s a bonus tip: nightstands on either side of the headboard — in matching material, color and style of the headboard. This creates symmetry and adds storage, which is always timeless.) Finish off the styled aesthetic with a large rug under the bed, for a decked-out space from headboard to floor.
How to Incorporate Accent Colors Into a King Bed
Pops of accent color is where style lives. Use throw pillows, flat sheets, lumbar pillows and sleeping pillows to get them. When the comforter is white or neutral, you can’t go wrong with which colors you choose. Try thinking in terms of seasons: summertime blues and greens, winter metallics, fall oranges and spring pinks will keep your bedroom feeling fresh.
Common Mistakes to Avoid When Styling a King Size Bed
The first and most common mistake when styling a King bed is using pillows that aren’t King size. Queen pillows won’t cut it here. For your first row of pillows (the ones you place against your headboard), King is a must, as the King size pillow dimensions are long and wide enough to make the bed look and feel complete. Another common mistake is skipping out on washes. Not-washed linens, duvets and sheets affect the look of your bed — think wilted, dirty and crumpled. Fresh sheets don’t just feel better, they also add to King-size style.
How to Make a King Size Bed Feel Cozy and Inviting
To make a King size bed feel cozy, you need to go out of your comfort zone (ironically). Mix and match textures that you normally wouldn’t pair together: velvets with furs, chenilles with linens and such. The juxtaposition between each will highlight each of their looks and feels, awakening your senses to a world of inviting comfort.

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