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Everything Customers Ask About King Sized Beds

King size beds require specific requirements for sheets, room size and more. Learn all about it here.

What are the dimensions of a King bed?

The mattress pocket of a King size bed is 76”W x 80”L. While overall measurements will vary, accounting for side rails, headboards and footboards, most King beds measure anywhere between 79”W x 85”L to 87” W x 101” L.

How deep is a King mattress?

While the length and width of a King mattress will always be the same, the depth (or height) can range anywhere from 10” to 20”.

How deep should fitted sheets be for a King bed?

Fitted sheets for a King bed are made to fit snugly around a standard size King mattress. However, the standard size of a King mattress only includes the length and width, since there is no standard depth. How snugly your fitted sheets will fit, and whether or not they will stay secure around the edges of your bed throughout the night, depends on whether the depth of the mattress matches the depth of the sheets. Before purchasing a set of sheets for your King bed, make sure to measure the depth of your mattress!

Can a King size bed sleep two adults?

A King size bed is the widest standard bed size available, making it the perfect option for a couple who wants to share a bed without losing a spacious sleeping environment.

What size should your room be for a King bed?

To create a bedroom space that is comfortable and easy to navigate, the general consensus is that you should leave at least two to three feet between the edges of the bed and the other furniture. Given the dimensions of a standard King, this will typically mean that a room should be no smaller than 9’ x 12’.

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