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Corner Decor Ideas to ‘Fill the Gap’

Running out of corner decor ideas? We’ve got you. Get inspired by some creative uses of ‘filling in the gaps’ below – and get that much closer to banishing all of your home’s awkward spaces, once and for all!

The Ten Pillars of Corner Decorating

  1. Measure your corner before buying anything.
  2. Consider your corner’s purpose.
  3. Pick one color scheme, two max (unless you want to disorient your guests!)
  4. Consider height (e.g., don’t just place an ottoman, then forget about the wall space above).
  5. Create lateral balance (one side of the corner should be equal to the other).
  6. Get lit (meaning, don’t skimp out on lighting – but you knew that).
  7. Make it cozy. Use rugs and pillows to take your corner from ‘look, but don’t touch’ to ‘warm and inviting.’
  8. Hold back; minimalism is the key to preventing a cluttered ambiance.
  9. Go multi-functional; what’s the harm in hidden storage?
  10. Fill it with the things that make you smile. No matter how small your corner is, if it’s in your home, you’re literally going to have to live with it.
Of all the elements of a room, corners can prove trickiest to decorate. The good news? Banishing the ‘boring corner blues’ is easier than you might think – but it all depends a good placement strategy. To get started, think about what you want your corner to “do.” Store stuff? Entertain? Look pretty?

If you’re after storage space, consider storage seating. A lift-top ottoman or bench will be sleek enough to fit into awkward nooks, yet bold enough to not ‘get lost’ in the background.

Want extra entertaining/seating space? An accent chair is pretty much designed for corners. For bigger spaces, ditch the accents and go for a cornered sofa (a.k.a sectional) to really put your corners to work! While it may not be the hottest thing in the world right now to place a sectional in a corner (contemporary trends often demand ‘floating’ a sectional in the middle of the room), the great thing about aligning each side of your sectional with each side of your corner is the amount of space you’ll save – and there’s nothing trendier than a good space-saving hack!

Or maybe you’re stuck with a plain corner, and simply want to turn it into a vignette, just for looks. If so, we’re here to tell you: that ‘plain’ corner you’ve been fussing over is actually a blank canvas for your newest gallery wall. Have fun browsing the possibilities!

Prefer all of the above? Easy (if you want to stump us, you’re going to have to do better than that!): wall art + storage side table + accent chair!

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