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Coffee Bar Ideas for Your Morning Fix

If your daily coffee ritual involves reaching for the coffee maker sandwiched between the same sink and cupboard you’ve been staring at for years, it might be time to perk up your space. DIY coffee station ideas make use of simple home decor objects that you probably already own — plus the coffee essentials you already use every day (think coffee pods, espresso machine, French press, k-cups and coffee mugs). Whether you’re a daily coffee lover or occasional drinker, adding simple touches to a bar cart, home bar or built-in bar countertop space can bring all the “coffee shop” vibes, in all the right, deliciously caffeinated ways.
base with sleek tray
1. Create a Base With a Sleek Tray
A tray to gather mugs, spoons, stirrers, syrups and/or creamer pods is a coffee bar must. As the base of your self-service coffee nook, it’s arguably the most important aspect: choose from specific types, like wooden, metallic and marble (or browse all trays here) to set the mood for your in-home cafe.
2. Always Have a Set of Mugs Ready
You may not be able to start your mornings without a cup of joe, but that doesn’t mean it’s only for you — or the mornings. When entertaining guests in the evenings, having more than one mug already out and ready to take adds an element of hospitality.

For the Kitchen Coffee Bar

give your essentials new life
3. Give Your Essentials New Life
Everyone loves an organized aesthetic. Separating your pods, packets and coffee supplies into their own categories — into chic jars and trays — makes any coffee bar look fit for a barista. Set your scooper into a tray of its own (for scooping ground coffee out of the same jar every day, a separated scooper on its own dish or tray helps to prevent cross-contamination with other ingredients).

Coffee Bar Cabinets

hidden storage
4. Opt for Hidden Storage
Got bags of beans? Cans of grounds? Sleeves of filters? More coffee bar essentials than you care to show off? Hide them and anything else you think you might need to serve up the perfect latte or espresso in bottom shelves. Sideboards, repurposed home bars and TV stands are perfect for this.

For the Farmhouse Coffee Bar

console table
5. Transform a Console Table
A particularly modern spin comes with using a console table for your home coffee station. Sleek and minimalist, it’s airier than a traditional bar-with-hutch, makes for better use of space and allows for placing storage baskets underneath open shelving. It also fits well — for both space and style — into living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, entryways and more, making it especially helpful for those itching for a coffee bar without the luxury of a spare room with which to decorate around it.

Small Kitchen-Friendly Coffee Carts

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