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5 Country Decor Ideas for a Ranch Aesthetic

There’s something about country living that can be so appealing. Life is a little simpler, time goes by a little slower and problems even feel a little smaller. We may not all have the pleasure of residing in the calm countryside, but your home can still have a country side. We invite you to take a seat, pour yourself a glass of sweet tea, and discover how to be a little bit country in your space with these country decor tips.

Use Natural Elements

Many people choose to live in the country so they can be closer to nature and celebrate its splendor. One way you can bring that appreciation home is by bringing in natural elements. From 100% top grain leather, to FSC-certified reclaimed woods, to rattan and jute, these materials add incomparable textural beauty that invites the outside in. 

Incorporate Farmhouse Furnishings

Country home decor and farmhouse style are basically siblings, so you can’t go wrong with a few farmhouse-inspired pieces to boost your home’s country flavor. A traditional metal bed is the perfect place to start - it’s sturdy, streamlined, neutral and offers a touch of old word charm. Also, just say yes to any wood design you can get your hands on. The more rugged, the better.

Add Animal Accessories

Country house decor is all about being a loud and proud lover of nature, and animals are a big part of that love. Growing up in the country often means taking care of horses, cows, chickens, pigs, goats and the rest of Old MacDonald’s farm. Maybe you don’t have the room for these guys, but you can have art and country decor that gives them a special place in your space.

Find Industrial Designs

If country style and farmhouse style are like siblings, then country style and industrial style are like cousins. The classic combination of metal and wood looks just as fitting in a country-inspired interior as it does in an industrial space. The trick is to stick to timeless pieces that have a hard-working, homespun spirit.

Embrace Earth Tones 

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In addition to an abundance of natural materials and textures, country style homes are decked in neutral hues and earth tones. A color palette that reflects the land - browns, oranges, greens, whites - creates a cozy, welcoming atmosphere that instills instant country hospitality.

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