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As a busy staging and design firm in Los Angeles, we’re lucky enough to see our fair share of showstopper homes. But we worked on a project recently that none of us will soon forget. We affectionately named the project “Canyon Cove.”

It was a modern Tudor house in the Hollywood Hills that was just dripping with original/interesting details. We were brought on by the developer early on, so we helped to make many of the color, finish, hardware and layout choices in the space.

And when the renovation was complete, we knew we were dealing with a truly special home. Which is why we were so darn excited to stage the space and really bring it to life.

Our challenge in Canyon Cove was that we wanted the home to have a vintage vibe, but we also needed the space to feel sophisticated and unique. Using vintage furniture exclusively in the space just didn’t make sense for the project, but shiny, brand new pieces wouldn’t work either. Luckily we found several key, anchor pieces for the space that managed to check all these boxes on

The Living Room

The living room is the first space you see upon entering the house, and it was a space we really wanted to have a luxe, but approachable feel. We were looking for big impact, and so we chose the Poplar & Leather sofa, which ended up being perfect for the space. The Rialto chairs paired with the sofa beautifully, and brought a retro/cool element to the space.

The kitchen was another favorite spot in the house, and we chose to use the Pine & Bluestone kitchen table as an island. It looked incredible in the space, and brought such a unique flavor to the home. It was also a great reminder that you can find amazing, well priced pieces like this to use in kitchens, that can really allow you to save so much cash on your renovation.

The master bedroom is one of the more casual spots in the house, but we definitely still wanted to keep the vintage vibe going in there as well. The Knox metal bed is, perhaps, one of the most important work horses in our staging arsenal. It somehow manages to work in so many different types of houses across so many different styles. We also really love the Brown Old Wood dresser in there, which honestly looks like a crazy good score from the antique store.

The Master Bedroom

Our spaces are known for feeling very layered and lived in, and so we really had a lot of fun at Canyon Cove pairing the pieces we chose with a ton of our own great vintage décor and accessories. “New/old” is our new favorite phrase around our office, and this project will likely forever set our new/old house expectations super-duper high.

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