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The Rhythm is Gonna Get Jeremiah Brent, Thanks to Misha Gabriel

Look, I love to dance. Preferably in the shower, when my music is blasting and no one is around. Or maybe after a couple of spicy margaritas at the end of a well-hosted party if Robyn’s “Dancing on My Own” just happens to be on.

In my opinion, dancing is one of the ultimate forms of emotional expression. Whether it is joy, passion or triumph, there are times when your body is so completely filled with that emotion that you feel inexplicably compelled to tell the story through your own uninhibited movement.

In a recent episode of Behind the Design, I interviewed dancer, choreographer and actor, Misha Gabriel. The long roster of artists that he has worked with in the dance world includes Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Chris Brown and Michael Jackson . . . to name a few.

If that’s not impressive enough, you might have also seen him on screen in Step Up: Revolution and Step Up: All In as Eddie.

dancers dancing in studio

When I walked through the doors of the studio on Melrose, I honestly had no idea what to expect.

Though the interview started earlier than expected, Misha came out of the studio dressing room prepped, pepped and ready to go. We sat down and got to talking, and he told me about how he found love in dance through his mother, Irina, who was a ballet dancer herself when she moved to the U.S. from Romania.

I was told there would be dancing in this episode, for obvious reasons, to which I responded, making it specifically clear that there will be no dance battle coming from Team Jeremiah. Not that I don’t love a good dance, as previously mentioned, but we all know how it would end . . . with me throwing out my back or hip, and that just wouldn’t be a good look.

So imagine my surprise when, after our interview, Misha went back into the dressing room and reappeared in black denim overalls. After a couple moments of required stretching, he proceeded to toss himself effortlessly into a full-on handstand! Clearly, the talent bar had been set, and high, to boot.

He had previously invited some of his friends over to the studio, and they choreographed a spontaneous routine on the spot . . . totally awe-inspiring. It’s hard not to move your feet when you’re watching such a talented group of people, but I can promise you that I held it mostly together and played the dutiful audience member, minus a bit of involuntary toe-tapping.

Jeremiah Brent
filming equipments

That was just the beginning of an entertaining, hilarious, inspired, fun-filled day of filming for Behind the Design. If you want to get in on more of the action (and why wouldn’t you?), be sure to watch the full video, featuring Misha Gabriel.

You may even catch a rare sighting of me breaking out my own moves.

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