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Top 7 Bedroom Decor Ideas for Fall

Welcome to our list of great ideas for your bedroom this fall! Take as much or as little as appeals to your sense of style, and use it to make your bedroom the welcoming place it should be.

1. Monochromatic Palette

By monochromatic, we mean shades, tones, and tints of a single color. To make your bedroom into a sanctuary with a zen-like appeal, choose a completely monochromatic palette in a neutral shade. This doesn't restrict you to boring beige. While the most common neutrals are brown, white and black, this fall, the two most popular neutrals are gray and navy blue.

2. High Contrast

Another fall trend is a high-contrast design that combines a bold color with a basic neutral. This season, some of the new favorite accent colors are russet orange, scarlet red, golden lime, dark turquoise green and light blue. The red and lime inject energy and optimism into a room and are particularly attractive in modern interiors. The orange, green and blue can be cozy or tranquil and more suited to traditional or transitional design.

3. One-of-a-Kind Pieces

All good bedroom decor includes pieces that add depth and interest. This season, one-of-a-kind pieces, especially hammered metals and handcrafted wood, bring uniqueness to a bedroom.

4. Texture, Pattern and Shape

Add furnishings and soft goods such as linens in your chosen color palette or accent color in contrasting textures, patterns and shapes. Graphic, geometric and plaid patterns are on-trend this fall and add a modern touch when used together. When you combine pattern, texture and shape in a neutral palette, you keep the calm, soothing feel but create a great deal of visual interest.

5. Curated Look

Your bedroom is the perfect place to display a curated collection of metallic or wood decor. This is where your small, one-of-kind pieces can really shine. Consider displaying them on a gallery wall or on a metal tray on a dresser.

6. Mix and Match

Feel free to blend the old with the new, not only in your curated and one-of-kind pieces, but in all your bedroom furnishings. When the pieces suit you and don't just fit into a prescribed style, the room truly becomes yours.

7. Comfort and Warmth

The onset of fall brings the urge to curl up inside our homes. What better place to do that than your bedroom? Many of this fall's decorating trends make it easy to add warm, comfortable elements to your bedroom, without requiring a complete overhaul. If your room's ready for a new color palette, consider going monochromatic or monochromatic with high contrast — and be sure to add carpeting, upholstered furniture, linens and cushions for an eclectic mix of patterns, shapes and textures.

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