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Choosing Pet-Friendly Furniture | How to Avoid Scratches, Fur & Stains

Pet hair, scratch marks and stains cramping your style? Follow these top tips for pet-proofing your space – and keeping your furniture in top shape for years to come.

1. Fabrics that Won't Attract Pet Hair

When it comes to upholstery, the smoother (and shinier), the less likely hair will stick to it. Leather, polyurethane, polyester, silk and even denim are your best options for keeping dog and cat hair out of sight.

2. Metal Legs – Which Dogs Can't Chew

If your living room consists of tables, sofas and chairs with wooden legs, it's almost like you're giving your dog the 'chewable playground' of his dreams. To keep your 'precious' fur baby from attacking your favorite pieces, swap out wood for metal – which won't invite gnawing.

fabric that won't attract pet hair

3. Fabrics that Cats Won't Want to Scratch

Because of their tough, durable exteriors, leather or faux leather should be your go-to material choice if you're sharing a space with a furry friend who loves to scratch. If you have your heart set on fabric, though, opt for upholstery with a tight weave (as a loose weave makes it easy for claws to 'catch' and undo).

4. Fabrics that Are Easy to Clean

To make sure you choose a furniture piece that will last as long as possible, carefully read the description of its material; look for words like "stain-resistant" and/or "high performance fabric" to ensure easy-to-clean upholstery. Microfiber, leather, faux leather and wool often fall into these categories.

5. Rugs that Won't Wear Down with Scratching

When it comes to rugs, keep the pile low; this will not only help diminish your pet's urge to scratch, it will also help to keep hair and dander away. And as in furniture upholstery, pay attention to the weave pattern: the tighter the fibers are weaved together, the less likely the claws will come out!

Looking for pet-sized furniture? Check out these furniture pieces designed specifically for dogs and cats!

FAQ: Are Living Spaces Stores Pet-Friendly?

Visiting us in store? Service animals are allowed! We do not allow large pets on leashes, however, small animals are welcome and must be carried by the owner at all times and not allowed on furniture displays.

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