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4 Best Flower Vases of 2024, According to Designers

New year, new flowers. Bring some new life indoors for 2024. Here are the best flower vases, by designers’ opinions, use and customer reviews.

Best Vase for Long Stems

1. Leather + Ceramic Vase Set of 2
Best Feature: Contrasting heights
Dimensions: 8.8"W x 8.25"D x 15.3"H
What a Designer Says: “This is a great set for breaking up tall floral arrangements or long flower stems into two containers. The contrasting levels add dimension to a centerpiece!” - Pamela Oleson, Interior Designer
Featured Review: “Great countertop accessory. Leather straps add a bit of classic sophistication to the modern shape and lightly textured finish.” - ASID
Where to Buy It: Shop Best Vase for Long Stems here >

White Vases for Cut Flowers

Best Large Vase

2. Stripe Modern Tall Vase
Best Feature: Modern stripes
Dimensions: 5.6"W x 5.55"D x 18"H
What a Designer Says: “Tall, chic and big enough to serve as a statement on a buffet or end table. This is the perfect way to show off flowers in an entryway.” - Courtney Marquez, Interior Designer
Featured Review: “Recently bought a newer house and ended up purchasing a lot of the furnishings especially the Accessories from Living Spaces. Amazing selection and fair prices.” - ClarckedC13
Where to Buy it: Shop the Best Large Vase here >

Clear Glass Vases

Best Vases for DIY Floral Arrangements

3. Matte Vase Set of 2
Best Feature: Matte black
Dimensions: 8.05"W x 8.15"D x 10.5"H
What a Designer Says: “The sleek black is perfect for decorating around. It’s the perfect slate for every type of flower, from roses to tulips to hydrangeas.” - Courtney Marquez, Interior Designer
Featured Review: “Looks awesome. Great quality product, looks high end.” - Harvie
Where to Buy It: Shop the 1st Best Vase for Arrangements here>

Vases for Dining Room + Living Room

4. Blue Stoneware Vase Set of 3
Best Feature: Miniature size
Dimensions: 6"W x 6"D x 6"H
What a Designer Says: “Smaller sizes are easier for if you’re new to flower arrangements. They force you to stay minimalist. This bright blue hue ensures a chic result, any way you decide to arrange!” - Courtney Marquez, Interior Designer
Featured Review: “Super cute set! Just like the pic. Good quality. Great accent piece.” - Alley21
Where to Buy It: Shop the 2nd Best Vase for Arrangements here >

Blue Vase Decor Ideas

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