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revive innerspring mattress

What Is a Revive Innerspring Mattress?

Revive innerspring mattresses combine the classic comfort of innersprings with Revive’s innovative gel support technology.

What Goes Into a Revive Innerspring Mattress?

Revive innerspring mattresses will often feature one of three types of innersprings:

  • Series Wrapped Coil System: A system of innersprings in which each coil is individually wrapped in a thin fabric, the Series Wrapped Coil System is designed to prevent motion transfer (meaning that your mattress is less likely to “move” or “bounce” around).
  • VertiCoil: A Revive mattress with a VertiCoil System features innersprings that are shaped like squares – which makes them fit together more easily while delivering high amounts of durability and support.
  • Bonnell Coil System: Using innersprings shaped like hourglasses, Bonnell is one of the most classic and affordable options for innerspring mattresses.

While each of these coil systems works along with Revive memory foam (see below) to deliver unbeatable comfort and support, please note that only the wrapped coil systems are compatible with adjustable bases.

Along with innersprings, Revive innerspring mattresses also feature layers of comfort foams and gel:

  • Tri-zoned foam encasement: To help prevent sagging edges, Revive has designed a foam encasement system specifically targeting the perimeter of a mattress.
  • CoolTouch GEL Memory Foam: If you prefer the feel of innersprings but tend to sleep too hot, consider a Revive innerspring mattress with CoolTouch GEL Memory Foam, featuring open-cell technology that breathes – and keeps cool – even during the stuffiest of nights.
  • Eco-Flex HD Foam: Made of high-density and high conforming (and Certi-Pur certified) foam, the Eco-Flex HD Foam combines with Revive innersprings to deliver sleep comfort like no other.

So, there you have it – just a few of the most popular comfort and support systems that make Revive innerspring mattresses so dreamy!

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