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What Is a Bachelor’s Chest? (A Quick History)

A close look at the modern bachelor’s chest.

What Is a Bachelor’s Chest?

Centuries ago, the bachelor’s chest, also called a gentleman’s chest, was a furniture piece made to be multifunctional, complete with space-saving storage. Because of its minimalist design, it came to be the perfect furnishing for the single man. One way of tracing back to the origin of the modern bachelor’s chest is by way of Georgian origins. (The reign of George, King of Great Britain, took place in the 1700s). The chests of drawers, iconic of Georgian furniture, were often made of walnut, oak or oak veneer. Designs varied, but one specific feature came to be synonymous with the term ‘bachelor’s chest’: a fold-over top that could be used for a writing surface.

The Bachelor’s Chest Today

Today, the bachelor’s chest is a chest, usually made of wood, that is smaller than a dresser. Despite its name, it is used for a variety of spaces (bedrooms, living rooms, home offices) for a variety of purposes (clothes storage, linen storage, bedside storage). It is short (averaging three feet in height), and so can fit in small spaces. Storage ranges from two- to three-drawer designs, and, despite the old-fashioned name, bachelor’s chests come in modern styles.
Bachelor’s chests aren’t just for bachelors! Today, they are most popular as nightstands or bedside storage.
Bachelor’s chests come in a variety of designs, usually made of wood. Storage is two- or three-drawer and sizes are small.
Use a bachelor’s chest for bedrooms, home offices, living rooms and virtually anywhere you need the storage.
Styles are designed for modern, traditional, rustic, Art Deco, cottage and coastal homes.

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