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Top-Searched Home Accents by State, to Help You Gift Smart

Not sure how to gift this Christmas? Go with the data. Here are Google’s top-searched home decor accessories by state.*
*Decor Trends Map data taken on October 14, 2019 from Google's Trend Report 1 and Report 2

1. Wall Art

Alabama, Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Nevada, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Washington, Wisconsin, Wyoming

A whopping 14 states prefer wall art over any other accessory, and we certainly get the hype. It’s one of the most expressive gifts out there – and with such a variety of subjects (from animals to architecture to landscapes and more), it’s easy to match the personality of any giftee.

2. Mirrors

Arizona, California, Georgia, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, Texas, Utah

At nine states, mirrors are in second place. We can’t say that these states are any more “self-obsessed” than the others (we’ve all been caught checking ourselves out in a mirror, after all!) – so we’ll just say they have a higher appreciation for what mirrors actually are: elegant wall decor!

3. Lanterns

Delaware, Maine, Montana, New Hampshire, West Virginia 

Second runner-up goes to Lanterns, at five states. We think it no coincidence that each of these states is a “big-sky” state, where the nights are full of stars – and encourage outdoor repose.

4. Planters

Alaska, Nebraska, Rhode Island, South Dakota Vermont

Tied for third place are Planters, the favorite of five states, four of which see reasonably distinct seasons – and an abundance of seasonal plants. The fifth – Alaska – does not, (to say the least); perhaps it’s the lack of something that makes it all the more appreciated!

5. Wine Holders

Illinois, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia

Also in third place are Wine Holders – the favorite of five states who, we can imagine, know how to have a good time!

6. Bookends

Colorado, Connecticut, New Mexico, Oklahoma

In last place (in a three-way tie), are Bookends. Colorado, Connecticut, New Mexico and Oklahoma take home this most literary of honors!

7. Trays

Hawai’i, Idaho, Mississippi, Oregon

Trays are the most-searched accessory in four states. We’ve never been to a party where food was served on trays that we didn’t like – so we’re going to call it: these four states are the most hospitable of all!

8. Vases

Arkansas, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland

Last but in no way least: Vases, the favorite of a mere four. Why these chic decorative accents designed to keep our flowers alive and beautiful aren’t more popular, we’ll never understand – but then again, if we had it our way, all eight of these home decor accessories would be tied for first place!

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