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Quilt Size Guide

Want to know the best quilt size for your mattress and bed? Check out the chart below for an approximation, plus an estimation of how far the quilt will hang from the top of the bed.

Quilt Sizes Chart

Mattress SizeQuilt SizeLength of Drop
Twin 70"x90"  ~15.5"x7.5"
Twin XL 70"x92"   ~15.5"x8"


(Full quilts)



(Queen quilts)

Eastern King


(King quilts)

California King  102"x92"  ~15"x16"


When choosing a quilt size, you’ll first need to know the size of your mattress. (Measure your mattress first, then consult this chart for your mattress size.) From there, the chart above will give you approximate guidelines on some standard quilt sizing – but know that the above sizes are approximate and that manufacturer sizes will vary slightly. Also note the third column in the chart above – quilt drop, or how many inches you can expect the quilt to hang from the sides of your bed.

Coverlet Quilt Sizes

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