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Holiday Decoration Ideas for 2022

Most years, all of the hosting and toasting happening throughout the season can make the holidays feel like an endless parade of parties. This year, the excitement and bustle of large gatherings may be a no-go, but that doesn't mean cheerful holiday party decoration ideas can't still apply. Whether you choose to gather safely or completely isolate, celebrating and enjoying every single moment doesn't have to stop. Incorporate these ideas, tips and festive designs to bring a sprinkle of merriment to the end of 2022.

1. Spaced-Out Seating

Cheers to inspiring holiday cheer while keeping a safe distance! If you're hosting indoors, it goes without saying that the number of guests should be kept to a minimum; in line with that, keep guests who do come comfortably spaced via strategic placement of seating. Just be sure to incorporate tidbits of spirited decor here and there (festive garland, gold trays, etc.) to keep the joy alive – while following protocol!

2. No Hosting? No Problem!

A not-so-familiar Christmas color scheme? Red and beige. While it keeps the festive splash of color, the warm neutral base balances and softens for a toned-down holiday feel. Perfect for the year of 2022, where not-so-familiar reigns supreme. If you normally invite dozens of people over for the holidays, skip this year (better to stay safe!), and focus your decorating efforts on the one room of the house that's completely yours: the bedroom!

3. Woodsy Corner Decor

Taking this season to reflect is a lot easier when you have a space dedicated for it – and you love. Utilize a bedroom corner and a woodsy, rustic desk as a "holiday study." Perch here a Christmas card holder and your presents-wrapping essentials!

4. "No Party" Party

Turn a routine night in with your family into something more extraordinary. The smallest details can raise spirits, so hang up that garland and wrap those presents. Even one new furniture piece is cause for an elegant party feel; here, the gorgeous coffee table set adds new charm to old traditions.

mini trees

5. Mini Trees

Miniature is always unexpected – especially for holiday party decor. If you want to surprise with cute, unforgettable decorations, bring the scale down a notch!

6. Deck the Hallway

To create a space that's cozy and festive, this dark brown server holds a fantastic gold candleholder arrangement. If you have the space, go for a buffet or server, but if you don't, an accent table or console table will more than do the job. Add a table lamp, wall art and flowers for completion.

7. Hanging Wreath

A hanging wreath infuses whimsy into elegance. It also incorporates holiday festivity where you least expect it: under the bedroom ceiling!

fireside holiday party decor

8. Sugarplum Stockings

Cozy stockings, garland, marble fireplace and a color palette to dream about. May your holidays always be this aesthetic!

9. Toasty Pillows

How to turn a sofa into a holiday party decoration in its own right? With toasty accent pillows. The warm and rich jewel tone above adds a splash of wintry cheer.

paper presents

10. Wrapped With Care

Transform your tree into an elegant holiday showcase of silver, gold and green. Note the use of ribbons – you can never use too many!
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