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Music Room Ideas Every Musician Will Love

A music room is a space in a home where you can be free to express yourself, musically! No matter your instrument, these music room ideas will be sure to cultivate your passion – because there’s nothing like a change of scenery to spark inspiration!

Putting the Muse in Music: How to Decorate a Music Room

Inspiration can come anywhere, anytime. It can happen while you’re driving, cooking or in the shower. An idea that suddenly presents itself is a gift – but it doesn’t always happen, and for those in-between moments, sitting around waiting for inspiration to strike isn’t going to accomplish anything.  That’s where the idea of daily routines, gritty practice, habitual writing and dedication and hard work comes in. It’s not always glamorous, but it’s necessary to hone your craft. In this article (and many articles like it), the best way to motivate yourself to sit down and write music (or make music, or whatever is the habit you want to create) is cited as having a quiet space where you can just do the thing you want to do. Of course, the idea of creating a space or room for its own purpose isn’t novel – in fact, it’s the nature of every room of every house that’s ever been built! (Bedroom? Sleeping. Living Room? Lounging. Kitchen? Cooking. etc, etc.). For the serious musician, a space of one’s own dedicated to the craft is a must. Here’s how to furnish one:

A little bit of musicality can be good for the soul – and the aesthetic! If music is your passion; if you live and breathe it, then dedicate an entire room of the house just for it! Pull up a chair for guitar-playing. Hang up art to inspire the next note. Create an entire lounge area with sofas, floor pillows and poufs for buddy jam sessions. You can even use this space for listening only; set up a sound system along a wall media center. If you need storage – whether you’ve got more guitars than you know what to do with or simply need to “do something” about all that sheet music lying around – this space can also serve that purpose. No matter the reason you need a music room, all that’s required of you to create one is one simple rule: you must love music!

If your room is for practicing, performance or jam sessions, start with the floors. Shag area rugs will make it cozy and pad the echo off of hardwood flooring, essentially creating better acoustics so that your sound can be the best possible. Take this concept of “echo-dampening” to all corners of the room: Opt for fabric chairs instead of hard wood ones, and hang drapes over windows. Just make sure to keep the balance between hard and soft surfaces; you don’t want too much sound absorption, at the risk of muffling the sound altogether. Secondly, incorporate color! Accessorize the top of a piano with a vase and fresh, colorful flowers to keep you inspired. If you use a chair to practice your instrument, position it so that it faces a wall you won’t get tired of looking at: Paint it in a bright, invigorating shade, or accessorize it with artful works and wall decor.

1. The Writer's Desk

All creative output starts with a single idea – but ideas won’t mean much if you don’t write them down! The best way to do exactly that is to christen a space in your home just for writing; this will help you to keep a daily routine. Wherever you have a little bit of extra space for a desk, place one in it! Outfit it with art and decor that’ll keep you motivated and inspired. If you’re a guitarist, choose a desk chair without arms; that way, it’ll be easier to sit down with your guitar and transcribe the music as it comes to you!
If your room is for the celebration of the hobby: Look to the walls. A gallery is a great way to show off your hobby. Hang up framed posters of memorable concerts or other valued possessions. (If it can lie flat, it can be framed. Try framing vintage band tees, a collage of concert tickets, and vinyl records.) You can also use this space for shelving units; incorporate a bookcase or curio cabinet filled with your favorite memorabilia – or install floating shelves to showcase items like picture frames, books and collectibles. If music is your passion, you probably also love listening to it. While wireless ear buds and car radios are excellent for music-listening while multitasking, every once in a while nothing beats sitting down to listen to a record from start to finish – and doing nothing else. (Try it, if you haven’t!) It’s how it was done in the olden days, but even today, in our faster-paced world, if you can find the time to binge-watch, you can find the time to binge-listen! 

2. For the Multi-Instrumentalist

If you play more than one instrument or are part of a multi-instrumentalist family, you’ll want to create a music room that’s comfortable. Incorporate seating and arrange it in a circular formation to “face the music.” This will be the spot where you keep your instruments and music tech – make them easy to access by a good storage system. Think a stand for your guitar, a filing cabinet for sheet music and an end table with storage for tuners and cords!

3. A Safe Spot for Your Guitar

Whether you’ve just picked up a guitar for the first time last week or have been playing for years, you’ve probably learned the hard way that you can’t just lean a guitar against a wall. To keep your instrument safely stored, you’ll need a stand; keep it in a living room or bedroom to ensure it’s always in sight and within easy reach. Pictured above, a guitar isn’t just kept in a living room; positioned against a rustic media console, it serves as decor in its own right.
So, if your room is for listening, you’ll want to carve out a “listening cave.” Furniture-wise, it should have an insanely comfortable chair, an ottoman (like a chair for your feet), a media console or center where you can store your sound system and an end table where you can place your “music-listening drink” of choice. Incorporate some stylish lighting fixtures for mood and a dimmer to turn the lights up or down depending on your mood (and the music). Decor wise, it’s up to you; we recommend “sonic” wall art, abstract designs that ebb and flow with the music!

4. "Always Ready to Play"

The case for not using a case: The more your guitar is in sight, the more likely you’ll practice it. Free it from the prison that is its case and let it breathe right alongside your living room furniture. You can even get creative with how you display your instrument; hang it up on a wall, in a guitar storage rack or in its own curio cabinet. (Whatever you do, just don’t keep it in the closet!) To hang it up on the wall: You’ll need a wall hanger and mounting screws – check out’s easy tutorial on the process.

The way we choose to decorate is a manifestation of our inner feelings, but the way we choose to decorate can also impact our inner feelings. Choose décor and designs that make you feel good. Below, we’ve curated a small collection of our favorite “music room” finds. Imagine sitting in one of the chairs below while listening to your favorite artist! Get inspired by the designs below or find more styles worth singing about here.

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