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11 Things to Do in Thornton

Welcome to Thornton, a beautiful American city nestled at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. Whether you're a longtime resident or just passing through, you'll find plenty of Thornton attractions. Let us be your travel guide: Here are 11 must-see places and things to do in “The City of Planned Progress!”
hiking trails
1. Hiking Trails
You can’t live in Thornton and pretend it’s an island unto itself. One glance at the setting or rising sun’s horizon, and the sprawling Rockies will get the best of you. Within the city itself is no different: some of the top attractions here include hiking and nature trails, such as the Thornton Trail System, East Lake Trail, and Big Dry Creek Trail.
escape room
2. Escape Room
Sleuth around the city until you find an escape room — Thornton is home to several. Whether it’s the competition aspect, the themed stories or the chance to hang with friends, these are great ways to burn an hour or two. It’s a fun all-around (that is, if you manage to get out. *Cue menacing laugh.*)
art museum
3. Art Museum
You’ll emerge from the Denver Art Museum a new person, and not just because of the rad tees or swag you may or may not have picked up from the gift shop. Featuring art galleries of renowned painters, brilliant guides and research-led tours, and curated exhibits inciting philosophical thought, the meaning of life is closely examined, experienced and shared — across the kind of time and space that only art can traverse. Feed your inner art critic dragon here!
colorado springs
4. Colorado Springs
What’s an hour-and-a-half away and fills that Mother Nature-sized hole in your heart? That’s right: it’s Colorado Springs, a majestic, glacier-formed haven for hikers and glampers. Family-friendly fun activities to do here include Garden of the Gods and Pikes Peak.
thornton veterans memorial
5. Thornton Veterans Memorial
Not entertainment but reflection. That’s the point behind the Thornton Veterans Memorial, a place to remember and honor veterans from all branches of the military. Learn, reflect, meditate: sometimes, the most often-walked-by plaques on the way to work or play are the things we most need to pause for every now and then!
6. Littleton
If the name Littleton is so named for the city’s size (you’ll notice a small town feel here), then we’ll prescribe Bigton as a way to describe Littleton’s fun. Shops, parks, gardens and nature centers galore welcome travelers from nearby Thornton. Dining is something to chew on here too: kid-friendly restaurants that also serve top-notch plates beyond chicken fingers? Moms and dads have lots to appreciate here.
recreation center
7. Margaret W. Carpenter Recreation Center
For those looking for an active day out, head to the Margaret W. Carpenter Recreation Center. This facility has numerous activities and programs, including fitness classes, swimming pools, and sports courts. We like to call this place a “splash and bash” (where you can splash water and bash boredom)!
8. Boulder
A short drive from Thornton is Boulder, a vibrant university town that is home to numerous hikes, parks, and restaurants. For seeing some of the most spectacular snow-covered scenes you’ll see in a lifetime, go in the winter. Book-lovers will also appreciate several of the local bookshops on Pearl Street; paired with the next-door artisan coffee shops and backdrop of the Flatirons, it’s almost all too much for one person to handle!
9. Denver
A short drive to Denver will bring you to the state capital with many things to see. and do such as the Colorado State Capitol and the Denver Botanic Gardens. Christmastime ice skating is also a popular attraction, drawing families, couples and individuals alike for the crisp Denver-air-ambiance paired with the festive feel of a classic family activity. Other things to do include the Denver Premium Outlets, amusement parks and the general shopping, dining and entertainment of downtown Denver.
national park
10. Rocky Mountains National Park
Take in the stunning natural beauty of the Rockies by hiking, skiing, or just enjoying the view via a stroll. Not a fan of trekking in freezing cold? Do an activity that bears (pun incoming) the same name but involves nothing but trekking sweets to your tastebuds: you know we're talking about a visit to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. (You can find the nearest one to Thornton in Westminster.)
design studio
The Design Center is for designers and non-designers. If you are hosting guests for the holidays and need to turn a spare room into a bedroom; if you love sketching out ideas for your next decorating project; if you just want to get a second opinion; this is your melody. Free advice, fabric swatch choices and custom design projects make this Thornton’s best place to wind down any day of the week.

What State Is Thornton In?

Thornton is a municipality within the counties of Adams and Weld in Colorado. Nearby areas include Littleton, Denver, Boulder and Colorado Springs. Because of its location, suburban nature and proximity to the Rocky Mountains, Thornton is a popular destination for residents in and out of the state.

What Is Thornton Known For?

Thornton is known to be a great place to raise a family. Easy access to shopping centers, restaurants and recreation centers make it stand out. Road trips are also fun and easy, with neighboring towns offering incredible hikes and views of the mountains.

Is Thornton a Good Area to Live?

Thornton is a great place to live! A safe, suburban feel crowns this city, while a small-town atmosphere adds all the more character to the mountain view-lined borders. Parks and recreation are kept up and thriving in Colorado’s family-friendly municipality.

What Is It Like Living in Thornton, CO?

Living in Thornton, CO, you’ll find yourself amidst the health-conscious: a great thing for keeping motivated to take care of yourself. From clean ingredients on fresh menus to hikers, walkers and joggers everywhere there’s a trail, the sky’s the limit. And it really is; the sky is big here, stretching panoramically from peak to peak, ridge to ridge, mountaintop to mountaintop in an almost fisheye view.

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