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10 Fun Things to Do in Monrovia

If you would expect a town that hugs the San Gabriel Valley to be filled with outdoorsy activities, you would guess correctly. Monrovia, though, also packs in so much more. A California city that masterfully balances quiet suburban life with urban spirit and rugged nature, it’s a fun stop off the 210. Whether you’re in town for a couple hours or the long-term, check out the list we had a blast putting together — and which you’ll have a blast experiencing. To help put a little spring in your agenda the next time you find yourself with nothing to do in this “land of the foothills,” each step here was carefully researched by our editorial team to ensure there’s something for everyone. The outdoors-lover, the brewery-frequenter, and the shopper will all find their piece, with family-friendly recs thrown in to keep all ages entertained. Read on for the top ten things to do in Monrovia!
petting zoo
1. Petting Zoo
For a great petting zoo experience the kids will be sure to love, visit the Monrovia Friday Night Family Street Fair, which takes place on Myrtle Avenue. They’ll enjoy getting hands-on acquaintanceship with furry friends, especially amid the relaxing ambiance of shops, eateries and live music. Take them weekly, and they just might develop a bond of friendship they’ll look forward to nurturing; the zoo isn’t always a certainty at the fair, but is fairly regular and is a hit with families on the nights it does make an appearance.
farmers market
2. Farmers Market
Also part of the Street Fair is the Monrovia Farmers Market. The feel of the prices here seem to be more affordable than other places, but that’s not the only draw for many Monrovia and Pasadena area residents. The food is fresh, the vendor ambiance is friendly and the small businesses are local. Every Friday night like clockwork, Myrtle Ave closes down for pedestrians and a fun night out on the town with the whole family.
arcadia arboretum
3. Arcadia Arboretum Day Tours
The Arcadia Arboretum and Botanic Gardens gives visitors a chance to see and experience plants from around the world, with special gardens devoted to South America and South Africa, among others. Located in Rancho Santa Anita, a few minutes’ drive from Monrovia, the surrounding area has an historical feel. Visit the Serpent Trail or Forest Path and get lost in the wonders hidden in the trees and flowers that breathe life — and revitalize and renew your Monrovia travel itinerary into one you won’t soon forget.
hiking trails
4. Hiking Trails
Looking to get your steps in and a breathtaking view of nature this weekend? You need to check out the Monrovia Hillside Preserve, popular for its year-round biking and hiking trails and scenic views. The incline is gentle, so it’s enjoyable for first-time and seasoned hikers alike. The entire loop generally won’t take longer than an hour and a half, so it’s considered rather short; be sure to slow down and take in this hidden gem while you can!
library museum garden
5. The Huntington Library, Art Museum & Botanical Gardens
A tribute to America and its history, specifically around the colonial times to present, the Huntington Library and Art Museum presents an educational opportunity for kids and adults. The galleries, exhibits and research facilities just so happen to be on some of the most beautiful grounds in the world: the Botanical Gardens. Peek in and out of buildings housing manuscript collections, artifacts, stories of Midwest travels and more, all the while letting the running creeks and ancient trees float you from landscaped living deserts to jungles to rose gardens and so much more.
big santa anita canyon
6. Big Santa Anita Canyon
Emblazoned in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains is 40 miles of must-see trails known as Big Santa Anita Canyon. About a 15 minute drive from Monrovia, the little slice of Los Angeles County wilderness offers lots of greenery, creeks, a waterfall, giant boulders and a dog-friendly trail. Just stretch before embarking — the ups and downs can get a little tricky for the new hiker.
7. Breweries (& Cafes)
Tap rooms, tasting rooms and clean, delicious beer. That’s the nightly special at any of the microbreweries scattered throughout the town proper. Pop into Over Town, Hop Secret or Pacific Plate on a weekday to get your fill of lagers and ales on a wide spectrum of flavors. Zythophiles will love the small town feel from Monrovia’s finest mixed with the social buzz that makes any one of the establishments an ambient vibe for happy hour.
revive sleep center
8. Revive Sleep Center
Good sleep is a universal virtue, no matter where you stay. Whether you’re immersed into the top attractions of New York or in a city with a friendlier, smaller-town charm such as Monrovia, taking in the simple pleasures of life like a good beer, scenic hike or fresh produce, good sleep makes everything better. The Revive Sleep Center offers a free sleep assessment test, and a wealth of mattress and sheet options for every budget and comfort preference.
design center
If the thought of one-on-one time with a professional interior designer with years of hands-on industry experience makes you light up, you have to visit the Design Center at Living Spaces. Custom upholstery advice, size and configuration visual builders and 3D renderings to see a certain sofa or sectional in your actual home is what you’ll get. The best part? It’s free. Drop in at your leisure and leave with profound design knowledge that you can carry with you through the rest of your home decor and furnishing excursions.
kids fun room
10. Kids Fun Room
Living Spaces is for all ages, the most sure sign of that being the playful vibe emanating from the Kids Fun Room inside the Monrovia store. The more restless of shopping buddies can be dropped off here, in this fully supervised space, while you shop unencumbered. With video games, movies and more, your child just may not ever be ready to leave — a win-win, depending on how much shopping you have to do!
What's Nearby Monrovia?
If you want to stretch out a bit beyond the town limits, you'll find plenty of things to do. Nearby, to the west, the Rose Bowl in Pasadena offers events on weekdays and weekends, including its Sunday morning flea market. Venture out into the opposite direction east to make a beeline for Pomona and the Fairplex, home of the Auto Club Raceway and family fun activities, like the LA County Fair, on any given weekend. While not as large or infamous as the "P" cities, Azusa, just a stone's throw from Monrovia, makes an excellent stop for hikers if traveling from east; while there, the Bridge to Nowhere, an arch bridge over the San Gabriel River, is a must-visit.

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