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Laurie March Peels Back the Musical Layers of Gaby Moreno

Listening to the music that Guatemalan-born folk singer Gaby Moreno creates, you can hear so many diverse influences layered into her authentic, moody sound.

You might not expect a young girl from Guatemala to have so many inspirations from much more mature music genres, like soul music and blues, but she attributes much of her early curiosity to a family trip to NYC. That’s where she fell in love with a woman singing her heart out on the streets. When Gaby asked her what this thrilling sound was, she replied, “It’s the blues.”

Many of us rarely get to trace the thread of our life inspirations back to such a pivotal moment. I love that Gaby immediately started trying to get her hands on as much blues music as she could. Once she started singing these iconic melodies, she found she was also capable of telling stories through music.  I imagine her younger self might never have guessed at her incredible journey to winning a Grammy!
Spending time with Gaby on set and getting a ‘front-row seat’ to the private concert we shot for her episode of Behind the Design was wonderfully memorable. I love listening to music, and I try to surround myself with as much of it as I can, but the potent power of a jazzy soul singer performing five feet away from you cannot be underestimated.

I also enjoyed learning about Gaby’s creative process, and how she feels most comfortable at home writing on her living room sofa, surrounded by inspiring textiles, accessories and candles while she teases out thoughts in her journal and on her guitar.

Having a special space in your home where you can express yourself creatively –whether it’s a desk area, a cozy living room or your kitchen – is a wonderful way to leave room for daily inspiration from your art.

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