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10 Fun Things to Do in Summerlin - 2023

Nestled in the valley of southern Nevada, Summerlin offers a wealth of outdoor destinations and activities for every interest and age. While the infamous Strip tops this list (and needs no explanation in doing so), we have listed nine fabulous other things to do that often get overshadowed by the more popular part of Las Vegas, NV. The rest of the list below takes you across all of Summerlin, which includes Las Vegas Valley, as well as the greater Clark County. Read on to discover hidden and not-so-hidden gems of ideas to try the next time you find yourself without an agenda in this family-friendly desert town.
las vegas strip
1. Las Vegas Strip
World-class dining, entertainment, casinos, hotels and shopping glisten amidst the sparkling sights and sounds of iconic Las Vegas Boulevard. Come for the attractions, stay for the neon-soaked hustle-and-bustle. After touring the dazzling hotel casinos like the LINQ, MGM, Bellagio and Flamingo, you just may need a break from sensory overload. If so — it’s a good thing that quiet Summerlin lies 15 miles away from the Strip proper (not too far and not too close), making it a cinch to travel to the Strip when you need a dash of excitement, and also a cinch when you need a plan of escape back into “normal” life.
2. Golf
Ten public golf courses in Summerlin, including Bear’s Best, Siena Golf Club, and Palm Valley Golf Club, give you easy options to hit the green when the mood strikes. Fresh air, landscaped scenery and the Summerlin mountainous horizon make golfing a perfect way to feel refreshed, while the game helps focus your thinking and clear the mind in a casual setting. (For the more upscale of travelers, Summerlin has its share of private courses. Though they do, of course, require membership.) And if you’re traveling just a smidge outside of Summerlin, check out the gorgeous green at Highland Falls Golf Club and TPC Las Vegas.
red rock canyon
3. Red Rock Canyon
The Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is made up of sandstone that culminates in La Madre Mountain, its highest point. The Canyon can be seen from most perspectives throughout the greater Las Vegas area but gives a different (and spectacular) vibe when visited up-close and personal. There are also trails here for off-roaders and hikers, and for the less adventurous, standard drives that still deliver scenic panoramas. Tip: If Red Rock isn’t enough to satisfy your craving for nature, head out the opposite way from Summerlin to Boulder City, about the same distance Red Rock is to Summerlin, where you’ll find Hoover Dam and the Lake Mead National Recreation Area.
4. Biking
Bikeability is a must for getting to know a city from a unique perspective, and Summerlin’s trails have just that. Go out for a morning spin along a quiet and less-traversed path in Summerlin Village, which takes you through neighborhoods and an almost-four-mile loop. The incline isn’t too bad, either, making it a nice, casual ride. Venture out further to explore virtually any cranny of the city — Summerlin’s network of combined biking and hiking trails stretch more than 200 miles.
las vegas farmers market
5. Las Vegas Farmers Market
In Downtown Summerlin, the Las Vegas Farmers Market brings high-quality, locally-sourced and small business-owned high-nutrition foods every Saturday. Sample freshly made or picked produce, nuts, breads or sweets — then purchase your favorites to share with friends. The best part about this is it’s located at the Pavilion, so when you’re done strolling through your week’s worth of groceries, more shopping, dining and strolling is right around the corner.
golden knights
6. Golden Knights
City National Arena in the heart of Summerlin hosts practices for Las Vegas’ favorite NHL team. While not all teams in the league allow the public to watch what goes on in the rink leading up to the big games, the Knights encourage it. Open practices are free and usually start in the mornings; check the Knights’ website for up-to-date schedules. While you’re there, grab some merch — and spirit — to bring with you once preseason officially starts.
area 15 entertainment center
7. Area 15 Entertainment Center
A district of immersive art exhibits that bend the mind and unique retail and food and beverage, Area 15 is unlike any museum or gallery you’ve seen before. Parallel universes, shape-shifting, and extraordinary axe-throwing are just some of the types of surrealism you can expect here. Permanent exhibits include Art Island, an open-air gallery of works that enthrall, and Omega Mart, a supermarket that’s not the supermarket you’re used to.
revive sleep center
8. Revive Sleep Center
The Revive Sleep Center brings the solution you’ll need after a day out in Summerlin: a night of good sleep. The idea behind the Center is to find your best fit. Like a running shoe, the right mattress is different for everybody. The staff sleep experts are trained to assess your sleeping style, position and essential criteria for finding your most customized, comfortable bed possible.
kids fun room
9. Kids Fun Room
Living Spaces in Summerlin offers the chance to deck out your home the way you want to, a prospect you might find enticing — while little ones may not give two hoots about. Summerlin Living Spaces had an inkling that zero hoots would be given by certain shopping companions, and did something about it. Enter the Kids Fun Room, a supervised play, lounge and arts space where a kid can be a kid (and yours will be sure to want to come back to again and again).
design center
Think of the Living Spaces Design Center as like the Revive Sleep Center, but for interior design and decorating. Professional, experienced interior designers are here to assess your space needs, help you solve sizing or dimension issues, and bring your customization vision to life with the right colors, fabrics and configurations. Make the Center a must-see while you’re in Summerlin; while you’re there, be sure to try the 3D Room Tool to see your own home brought to life.

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