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8 Best Neutral Rugs

What do all great design styles have in common? A clean, no-fuss solid canvas to work with. Shop the Best Neutral Rugs of 2024 to get your interiors cozier + fresher than ever.

The All-Around Perfect Neutral Rug

1. Traditional Light Grey + Cream Rug
Best Features: - Minimalist neutrals - Great for living rooms
What a Designer Says: “Low pile fiber keeps its quality here, feeling indescribably plush even after high use. The faded and slightly distressed pattern adds a whisper of style — the perfect amount to keep your home’s personality grounded (literally).” - Emilie Navarro, Living Spaces Interior Designer
Featured Review: “Very cozy rug, our cats love it and cuddle on it all the time now. It’s surprisingly sturdy and even the kitty claws don't seem to be breaking anything.” - DianeHu

Best Neutral Color Jute Rug

Best Features: - 15% seagrass - 85% jute
What a Designer Says: “This rug has the perfect texture for coastal styles. It’s hand-loomed and you can tell the difference in quality from a mile away!” - Jesie Harris, Production Design Manager
Featured Review: “Timely delivery-great quality - perfect with our hardwood floors.” - Ernie33

Best Neutral Diamond Pattern Rug

Best Features: - Rustic style - Polypropylene
What a Designer Says: “The quintessential neutral rug. The combination of the grey wash with the superior plush fibers tones down modern style with a home, comfy feel.” - Adrian Palacios, Studio Production Designer
Featured Review: “Love this rug! Good quality, the color is awesome and goes with my furniture I just bought.” - amazing rug

Best High Pile Neutral Rug

Best Features: - High pile - Distressed design
What a Designer Says: “The ivory/grey combo possesses a calming trait: a good thing for guests and visitors to your home. The ivory soothes while the grey adds a little saturation for grounding.” - Courtney Marquez, Living Spaces Interior Designer
Featured Review: “Nice looking and soft to walk on. I can't think of anything else to say.” - Lisa Hj

Best Neutral Rug for High-Traffic Areas

Best Features: - Durable - Woven
What a Designer Says: “This is the perfect family rug. Easy maintenance properties aside, it’s simple, but the classic color refreshes while the handwoven technique adds soft character.” - Pamela Oleson, Living Spaces Interior Designer
Featured Review: “I love this rug! It’s great quality and looks amazing!!” - JBorc

Best Natural Fiber Neutral Rug

Best Features: - Low pile - Natural “Understated is in. This low-key design is my favorite for making bright, open spaces more relaxed and lounge-worthy.” - Courtney Marquez, Living Spaces Interior Designer

Featured Review: “This was perfect in our dining room then we moved it to the loft where we love it as well!” - Theresa Hope

Best Low Pile Shag Neutral Rug

Best Features: - Low pile - Grey + white

What a Style Editor Says: “A tad cooler than brown undertones, this design feels at home in modern and industrial spaces. A great way to keep a space light and balanced.” - Kristin Minasian, Style Content Editor

Featured Review: “Good color and feel. Provides a good match to our home” - Shawn L

Best Neutral Rug With Tassels

Best Features: - Taupe color - Tassels
What a Designer Says: “The satisfying pattern is trumped only by the light-as-air color palette. This is the perfect piece for clean, boho interiors.” - Pamela Oleson, Living Spaces Interior Designer
Featured Review: “Clean look and very soft. Fits perfectly in my living room.” - Figs

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