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Red Boys Bedroom Ideas: Youthful Tips for Playing With Color

Every child deserves a bedroom that they're proud of, so if your son is tired of his room and wants to redecorate, consider going with a red color scheme. (Not only is red a gorgeous color, but it's also known to boost energy levels and incite joy and positivity.) Here are seven red boys bedroom ideas that your son is sure to love!

1. Explosion of Color

Let his colorful personality shine with this rainbow-powered room. The sleek, wooden furniture brings a hint of elegance to the space, while the red, blue, orange and yellow stripes lining the walls show off his playful side. The fun wall decor pairs well with red accessories, such as cherry dice cubes, ruby lamps and scarlet alarm clocks.

2. A Modern World

Is he a fan of innovative, modern styles? If so, he'll love this colorful and contemporary room design. The glossy wooden desk serves as the perfect surface for computers, tablets and any other technological device; he'll also enjoy plenty of legroom below, a beautiful outdoor view by his side and pops of red, orange and yellow ahead of him.

3. Sleek and Sporty

Designed for the avid athlete, this sporty bedroom lets your son show off his talents. You can cover the bed with football-themed throw pillows, decorate the walls with sports memorabilia, store your baseballs and equipment underneath the side table – the possibilities are endless. (Don't forget about the striped, multicolored carpeting, which introduces a bright pop of red to the room!)

4. Radiant Rugs

No bedroom is complete without a cozy, warm rug to carpet the floor. In addition to serving as a unique room decoration, rugs offer the perfect spot to unwind during a cold winter's day. You can also play around with different colors and designs until you find one that works for you. From red stripes and pastel patterns to grey spirals and colorful zigzags, there's plenty of options to choose from.

5. Study in Serenity

Let's be real – nobody enjoys studying for an exam. While you might not be able to turn test preparation into a fun activity, you can make it a little more exciting by introducing some twists to the typical office style. This design swaps stuffy swivel chairs for brightly colored seating, trades in the traditional wooden desk for a sleek, modern one and fills the walls with fun, encouraging slogans. Don't forget the colorful rug, which offers splotches of red, blue and yellow.

6. Fly to the Future

If your son has a mature sense of style, then he'll absolutely love this futuristic room. It's consumed by a red and white color scheme, from the cream-colored walls and colorful diamond rug to the bright white bed sheets and bronze pillows and blankets. Along with the cool, inventive appearance, the room is highly functional – the niches in the wall and drawers under the bed help save space, letting you decorate to your heart's content.

7. A Traveler's Dream

Who doesn't want to explore the world? With this bedroom style, you can live out a traveler's fantasy. From the patriotic, red flags framed on the wall to the cozy, decorative pillows imprinted with a compass design, every element of this room screams adventure. And don't forget about the ornate chest of drawers, which offers the perfect place to store souvenirs as you embark on real-life travels.

Red Boys Bedroom Ideas

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