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How to Flatten a Rug - Tips for Creases, Dents and Rolled Edges

Have you ever finished getting a room decorated and set up exactly how you want, only to turn around and see that your rug has taken a bit of a beating in the process?

Creases from moving furniture, kinked or rolled corners from foot traffic and dents from couches and tables all take away from the look of your rug. If that's your rug, don't let it stress you! Most rugs are able to bounce back from these situations; just follow the tips below to bring them right back to life.

Always Vacuum First

For some mild cases of dents and creases, a thorough vacuuming can help smooth out the creases and pull up the compressed fibers from indentations. You'll want to use the strongest vacuum you own, as the lightweight cordless ones are amazing to use but don't have the suction power your dents may need to come out. Using this approach can also help to flatten fresh rugs that were just unrolled.

Addressing Rolling in a New Rug

Rugs are shipped rolled up in a protective sleeve of plastic to make sure they arrivesin perfect shape. The side effect of this method is that the carpet fibers have 'settled in' to their rolled-up position. One of the easiest ways to flatten these new rugs out and let them breathe a bit is to lay them out in the sun, as heat makes the carpet fibers more pliable.

If that doesn't do the trick, you can put weights on the corners of rugs curling towards the floor or, if the rug is curling up, simply roll the rug back down in the opposite direction.

Removing Creases in Small Rugs

The smaller an area rug, the easier it is to get out the creases and curled corners that naturally form over time. An effective but not so elegant solution here is to grab anything bigger than the rug, has at least one flat side and has some heft to it. Place the rug on the floor, lay the heavy item on top, making sure the rug is fully covered, and then let gravity handle the rest. The longer it stays on the rug, the flatter it'll become!

How To Handle Deeper Creases

Deep creases happen more often than you'd expect. Rearranging rooms, moving houses or even just having guests over frequently can lead to mishaps that aren't fixable with just some elbow grease and a heavy box. First, you'll want to warm the back of the rug up to loosen the fibers either by setting it in the sun or taking a hair dryer to it. If choosing the latter, make sure to stay six or more inches away, so there isn't too much heat. Now, just take the warmed-up rug; gently fold it the opposite direction, and lay it back down!

Removing Dents From Any Rug

Getting rid of stubborn dents takes two things: heat and moisture. Take a trip to your vanity mirror, and snag a spray bottle and hair dryer for a quick and very simple fix. Spritz the dent until it's fully saturated, and then dry the area with the hair dryer while fluffing with a pick comb or soft towel, both of which are most likely by your dryer and spray bottle! When all else fails, check your local hardware or retail store for a wrinkle releasing spray for a step up from water. You can also bring in the experts and call a carpet cleaning company for a more expensive (but still affordable) option to regain your rug's natural look.

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