Mattress Warranty Claim

What to Expect:

We will review your claim to confirm the item and issue are all covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Please review the mattress warranty guidelines before filing a claim to educate yourself on the coverages and exclusions of the manufacturer’s warranty.

The claim process will require the following from you:

  • Detailed description of the issue
  • Detailed explanation of how the issue occurred
  • In-home evaluation fee of $99

The speed of processing your claim is determined by how much detail you provide. Please be as specific as you can so we may quickly identify the best resolution for your claim. You should expect to receive a response within three business days.

If you qualify for the manufacturer’s warranty service, an inspection of your merchandise is required by most manufacturers to validate the defect(s). Living Spaces does not evaluate mattresses, box springs, or foundations; however, we can request an in-home evaluation for a fee of $99. An independent inspection company will be dispatched to your home once the fee is secured. For more information see the Living Spaces mattress warranty guidelines.