The Mattress/Box Spring Recycling Fee

The Mattress Recycling Council (MRC) – a non-profit organization established by the mattress industry – has developed a recycling program for discarded mattresses to help reduce landfill waste and illegal mattress dumping. In order to fund this program, CalRecycle has authorized a mandatory $10.50 recycling fee that will be collected upon the purchase of any new mattress or box spring. (Fee is effective December 30, 2015)

The money accrued from this recycling fee will allow the MRC to contract solid waste facilities for the collection and recycling of used mattresses.


  • How much is the fee?

    The fee is $10.50 on each mattress, foundation or bunky board.

  • Is this fee only collected by Living Spaces?

    No, this fee is collected by all mattress retailers.

  • Does this apply to each mattress or foundation I purchase?

    Yes, if you were to purchase 3 mattresses and 3 foundations, you would be charged for 6 recycling fees.

  • Does the fee apply to adjustable bases?

    Yes, if the adjustable base is covered in ticking.

  • What if I purchase a split king foundation and split king mattress? Will I be charged 4 fees?

    Yes, the law states that the fee must be applied to each item.

  • Does this apply to pillows, frames, or, mattress protectors?

    No, the fee applies to mattresses, foundations and bunky boards only.

  • What happens if I have to cancel my order? Will the fee be refunded?

    If the return is made before 90 days, the fee will be refunded.

  • A unit is sold before December 30, 2015, but returned after December 30 for a credit which is then used on a different mattress. Does the fee apply to the replacement/new mattress purchase?

    Yes, the fee applies to all units sold on or after December 30, 2015 in California. If the mattress replacement is a no-sale exchange, the fee does not apply.