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Top 10 Home Decor Trends for 2019

Some people make new year's resolutions. We make new year's predictions. For us, saying hello to a fresh batch of furniture and home decor trends is the best way to get prepared and excited for what's to come.
Our top 10 home decor trends for 2019 are extra special because they have been selected by our very own Product Managers at Living Spaces. These design experts traveled to France over the summer to attend Maison & Objet - a bi-annual trade fair that showcases the latest in lifestyle, decoration and design. So without further ado, here are the colors, patterns, styles and materials you can expect to see in 2019.
home decor trend: black

Trend 1 | Black

This classic, sophisticated, timeless color is going to get a lot of love in the coming year. Our Product Managers saw black everywhere - from furniture to accessories to visual merchandising displays. The overall emphasis was on making black more livable and accessible, so anyone can feel comfortable incorporating it in their space.

home decor trend: ethnic natural

Trend 2 | Ethnic + Natural

A well-traveled, collected look will continue to be a major design theme in 2019. This year, objects and artifacts that have an African influence will be particularly popular - from tribal masks to JuJu feather hats. All things artisanal, handcrafted, woven and natural will also make their way into interiors.

home decor trend: curved

Trend 3 | Curved Silhouettes

What’s old is new again when it comes to beloved silhouettes of the past returning to homes of the present. A resurgence of curved furniture - first from the Art Deco era, then from the 70s - will bring barrel-backed chairs and crescent-shaped sofas, along with an assortment of pieces with softened corners, rounded edges, and undulating lines.

home decor trend: organization

Trend 4 | Organization + Multifunction

This year, we’ll be embracing and showcasing the beauty in utility with pieces that not only make our lives easier, but prettier. From bookcases and room dividers that help us save space and stay organized, to smart technology that’s integrated seamlessly, the items we bring home will serve more than one purpose and look good doing it.

home decor trend: geometric

Trend 5 | Geometric Shapes

To bring movement and interest to a space in a clean, simple way, geometric shapes will be mixed and matched. A full range of forms - including circles and ovals, squares, rectangles and triangles, as well as hexagons and octagons - are making an appearance in furniture designs and decorative items for a touch of sculptural allure.

home decor trend: terracotta

Trend 6 | Terracotta 

Move over, Millennial Pink! Our color palette will be growing and maturing in 2019 from light pastels to rich terracottas, apricots and rust oranges, as well as blush and dusty rose tones. Earthy, spice-inspired hues like turmeric, mustard and gold will also warm up our homes and help us create cozier spaces.

home decor trend: botanical

Trend 7 | Botanical Patterns

Plants have made a big splash in interiors over the past few years, and their presence will live on through botanical patterns and nature-inspired prints. In addition to tropical leaf motifs, we’ll see digital florals with soft watercolor accents that have a more abstract, artistic and whimsical look and feel.

home decor trend: textiles

Trend 8 | Cozy Textiles

Tactile textiles will have you dying to touch every pillow, rug and throw blanket you come across. During Maison & Objet, our Product Managers had all the feels for soft, fluffy fabrics, faux furs, boucles, cashmeres and wools that covered chairs, stools, ottomans and accessories. While many think of design as a feast for the eyes, this trend will be a feast for the hands and feet.

home decor trend: velvet

Trend 9 | Velvet

One of the big buzzwords that emerged from the trade show was luxe, and velvet plays a significant role in that trend. This material will be showcased in both muted and vibrant colors to bring elegance and sumptuousness to interiors. We’ll also see it paired with metallic finishes to really drive a theme of grandeur and splendor.

home decor trend: fringe

Trend 10 | Fringe + Tassels

Accessories that are heavily embellished will make our homes feel truly unique and complete in 2019. Details are the theme du jour, especially fringe and tassels, which you’ll find adding flair to pillows, poufs and rugs, even on the backs and arms of chairs. This ‘more is more’ approach to all of these trimmings will bring about a celebration of maximalism in decor.

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