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Sharing a Studio with Your Partner (& Pet!)

Living with a partner (& pet) in a space that's smaller than you'd hoped for? We've all been there. Snag these helpful tips for furnishing your studio without sacrificing style.

Divide & define the space

The lack of walls in studios can make it difficult to separate your living area from your sleeping area. Room dividers and large bookcases allow you to define distinct spaces while also showcasing books, plants, and decor.

Pick pieces that do double-duty

Fitting a bunch of furniture into a studio apartment can be tricky, but a few multi-functional pieces save on space while doubling up on functionality. A storage bench acts as extra seating (for you or your pet!) when easily moved from the end of the bed into the living room. Sleeper sofas serve as a secret guest bed when friends and family need a place to stay.

Maximize space with smart design

When you’re low on square footage, find ways to create the illusion of more space. A clear coffee table disappears into the room and doesn’t add extra bulk to a busy area. Glass is the ultimate disappearing act!

Dedicate specific storage to your pet

Without a specific place to store your pet’s accessories, they can end up scattered all over the apartment and any extra clutter weighs down limited space. Baskets are a great way to store leashes, toys, and grooming supplies. They fit under entryway tables, and desks, or on bookcase shelves.

Small Space Living - Sharing a studio with your partner (& pet!)

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