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3 Fresh Dorm Room Ideas That Make the Most of College Living

Three fresh dorm room ideas for every type of college student – and to make the most of your college years. Style class is now in session!

1. The Neutral Foundations Dorm Room

With a neutral color base, this dorm lets you take your style any way you want. Simple and classic pieces carry over to sophomore, junior and senior year – and even life after college and out of the dorms.
Starting with the basics: a clean, comfortable bed (an upholstered headboard maximizes a homey feel) creates a space you can feel good about returning to night after night, semester after semester.
After class comes studying; making sure you have the right lighting for healthy vision habits is an essential as you pore over textbooks well into the night – or wee hours of the morning.
To make a dorm room feel more like home, incorporate a TV (with the right base that doubles as storage!) – nothing comforts quite like reuniting with your favorite characters.
College is about meeting new people and forming new friendships if it’s about anything. Including extra seating in fun colors and shapes will make your dorm room more inviting to roommates, hallmates and campus-mates.
Get down to business with a desk that pulls out all the stops: for a dorm you’ll love to study in and that will keep you focused and inspired, you’ll need storage and style.

2. The Coastal Dorm Room

Variations on coastal style – think coastal with a touch of modern-meets-function for the busy college student – reflects the optimism and joy that the college years can bring.
A peaceful retreat from the hubbub of campus clubs, classes and activities makes it easy to wind down after a long day – and reset for the next.
Need an affordable, chic way to infuse a splash of personality into your home away from home? Get comfy with throw pillows, available in every texture, color and style to stack up to your designer’s eye.
A calm corner makes hours of reading and studying fly by. With comfy textures and cozy shapes, acing every class will be a breeze!
Swap out the college-issue metal chair for one that will actually keep you comfortable. When stress comes your way – and in your first year of college, it will – learning how to cope starts with a dorm room you can exhale in and feel your complete, unique self.
For extra credit, choose a chair with an adjustable, swivel base. The more customizable the design, the more you it feels.
Life gets hectic. Don’t let a rushed morning mess up your style! A large basket or two into which you can stash laundry, bookbags and other living essentials will keep your personal space tidy – so you can focus on thriving.
In a dorm room, there’s no such thing as too much storage. And when floor space is limited, going vertical is always an option; a desk with a storage hutch above gets clever with organization in a small space.

3. The Eclectic Dorm Room

In a dorm room, mixed-and-matched styles – with splashes of refreshing colors – helps you and your roommate to harmoniously mesh personalities in one small space.
Color your world with bright upholstery, wall hangings, rugs and bedding to keep your mood uplifted – even during finals week.
A dorm room essential, a study station isn’t complete without adjustable chair, desk and inspiring decor.
Don’t underestimate texture. Even one cotton pillow layered over a velvet blanket makes a small space feel warmer and cozier. Choose a neutral color for versatile styling and a simple stitched pattern for a boho twist.
Taping up a poster of your favorite rock band is dorm room trope; hanging up a tapestry of original crochet artwork is a decor alternative for the freer, more stylish spirit.
When the dorm runs small but your style ideas run big, a room divider with storage can help to set the limits of your personal space. Fill up with cute baskets to keep everything in its place as you head out the door.

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