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Black and White Designs to Transform Your Living Room

With the growing trend for minimalist designs, it makes sense that classic black and white are resurfacing in bold new ways. Let’s take a look at how you can get in on the black-and-white design scheme to give your living room a gorgeous upgrade in non-color.

stripe pillow

Go Bold

When styling a black and white room, you’ll want to incorporate statement decor, such as a bold rug or accent pillow, to complement the furniture. Use bold pillows to create a crisp focal point with a sprawling white sectional or smaller points of contrasts with two loveseats. Experiment with other types of home decorative accents – such as an arc floor lamp or rustic wall clock – for an effortless way to refresh black-and-white.

black and white living room

Keep It Minimal

If you prefer the sleek look, consider combining a leather sofa with a couple of oversized chairs in matching material. Add a couple of iron side tables and your choice of artwork, and you’ll have a fresh, streamlined living space you can admire and enjoy.

fur texture

Add Texture

When you want to play with texture, look first at the material. Leather, wood, fabric, metal or faux fur would all impart something different to your design. Start with a white leather loveseat and two metal chairs, and pair them with a cozy black throw blanket or rug. Next, add pattern and details with statement accent pillows, such as ones with black/ivory patterns in chevron or geometric shapes, or coralline black tassels.

From big and bold to sleek and airy, black-and-white designs can transform your living space. Come see how we can help!

black and white living room

Sneak in Some Color

Just because you’re decorating in black and white doesn’t mean you can’t hide a splash of color somewhere in the design. Consider a white sectional, chaise and cocktail table, paired with gold wall art or a tinted glass floor lamp. On a reclaimed elm or cast iron coffee table, you could add that color in the form of a potted plant. As always when styling with black and white, make sure the color is subtle, not bold.

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