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5 Décor Trends That Will Make Your Home Feel Like Fall

From velvet furniture to tarnished metals, fall décor trends have arrived – and they couldn’t be cozier!

1. Velvet

In terms of upholstery, fall’s biggest trend is velvet, and we couldn’t be happier. Luxuriously plush and all-around irresistible, velvet is the perfect texture for creating a cozy, fall-ready ambiance.
decor trend - velvet

To embrace velvet’s plush luxury, think in terms of velvet layers, like the pillows and sofa pictured above. 

decor trend - ambiance

Because velvet is already warm and comfortable by nature, you can have fun with bold, cooler colors – and not worry about detracting from a cozy fall ambiance.

2. Tarnish

Cozy doesn’t just apply to fabrics and upholstery; when distressed with just the right amount of patina, woods and metals bring a soft glow perfect for fall.

Remember, too, that distressed metals aren’t just for furniture pieces – consider incorporating them into wall art galleries for unexpected fall charm.

decor trend - distressed metal

3. Chunky Knits

This fall, expect to see knits everywhere – from sweaters and scarves to poufs and throw blankets!
decor trend - monochrome Knit throw blankets and pillows are a fall design favorite, but they can also work year-round when kept in neutral shades like creamy white or soft brown.
decor trend - knit blanket

While a monochrome throw is familiar and cozy, nothing will reflect the excitement of changing autumn leaves and glowy sunsets quite like a multi-color weave – like in the knit throw pictured above.

4. Modern Farmhouse

A little bit industrial, a little bit rustic-chic and a whole lot cozy, modern farmhouse is redefining contemporary designs with soft colors and distressed finishes – just in time for fall!   
decor trend - farmhouse

In the living room pictured above, notice how there is almost no instance of pure white; when it comes to fall modern farmhouse, warmth is found in colors!

Look for metals like steel with a textured black finish to reinforce vintage comfort.

5. Pumpkin + Chocolate

Incorporate orange and brown, particularly in shades of pumpkin and chocolate, to warm up any interior.

“Sweet” isn’t just for your morning espressos and after-dinner desserts – it’s also for fall décor.

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